Tunnelmallinen ympyränmuotoon suunniteltu 12 hengen sauna Kartano Kievarilla.
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Kartano Kievari / Sauna

Christmas party Karonkka Meeting Sauna evening

Contact information

Saarijärventie 434, 44170 Äänekoski

Accurate location:
Kartano Kievari is located along Road 13 in the village of Hietama in Äänekoski township. Arriving from North on Highway 4 Take the next exit after Äänekoski in the direction of Saarijärvi, Vaasa, Kokkola. Arriving from South on Highway 4 Take the next exit after Hirvaskangas Gas station in the direction of Saarijärvi, Vaasa, Kokkola.

+358 207436450


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Kartano Kievari's custom built sauna can accommodate 10-12 people at a time. This brilliantly designed combination caters for a wide range of evenings as well as casual meetings. The sauna cabinet connected to the sauna facilities has seating for more than 20 people and offers a nice space to sit back and relax. You can add bar and restaurant services to your sauna experience.

Our sauna is licensed, so you are not able to bring our own alcoholic beverages with you.

Additional information

Sauna charge combined with other services is 50 € per 2 hours + 5 € cover charge per person.
If you do not require any other services with you sauna, an additional hire charge of 150€ is being added to your bill.


Under 25

Premise type

Bar Restaurant Sauna


Cozy Relaxed

Additional criteria

A-license, rights to serve alcohol Accommodation Catering Experience and/or programme services Sauna WiFi