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Kuokkala manor / Green hall

Celebration Christmas party Karonkka Meeting Wedding

Contact information

Hämeenpohjantie 50, 40520 Jyväskylä

Accurate location:
Kartanon sauna is located in the courtyard of the atmospheric Kuokkala kartano, near Jyväsjärvi, three kilometers from the center of Jyväskylä.



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This beautiful and peaceful green hall is large space for many different needs.

Additional information

The mansion has modern sound reproduction and meeting technology, as well as large screens for presentations. A piano, mics and other performance equipment are always ready. There are also large sauna facilities at the mansion.


Under 25

Premise type

Ballroom Estate Meeting room Restaurant


Festive Intimate

Additional criteria

A-license, rights to serve alcohol Catering Experience and/or programme services Modifiable space Sound system Streaming Video projector WiFi