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Celebration Christmas party Meeting Wedding

Contact information

Multiantie 684, 41240 Kyynämöinen, Uurainen

Accurate location:
Multiantie 684, 41240 Kyynämöinen

+358 (0) 400811376


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Kyynämöisten Kynkkälä is available to rent for parties, meetings or other events.

Additional information

Kynkkälä has an atmospheric log-walled 80 m2 hall and a 45 m2 stage. The separate restaurant hall is 30 m2 and the kitchen is about 16 m2. Kynkälä's kitchen is equipped with a large-scale dishwasher, the equipment also includes refrigerators and freezers, an electric stove and coffee/water kettles. The tableware is for 100 people. It is possible to rent the whole house or for small parties/meetings only the restaurant hall.



Premise type

Ballroom Meeting room


Cozy Relaxed Rustic

Additional criteria

Hybrid events Own drinks Own servings Sound system Streaming Video projector WiFi