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LuontoVire/ Haukilampi Hut

Celebration Meeting Sauna evening

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Lehminiementie 34, 41560 Hankasalmi

+358 (0) 447837312


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Haukilampi Hut is located by the lake and is well-suited for small group gatherings, family celebrations, team-building events, and recreational days. The hut features an open fireplace, traditional tables, group seating, and rocking chairs. The kitchen and pantry are connected to the main hall. Next to the hut, there is a magnificent lake-view grilling and bonfire spot called Elämyskallio. Meal services are available upon request.

Additional information

The space can accommodate up to 20 people for dining, but during summer gatherings, there may be even more. The terrace provides additional tables and seating for the grilling area for 12 people. Meal services are available upon request. As part of the day's program, nature experience services include various excursions with themes of atmosphere and brisk hiking, as well as hammock relaxation. Accommodation is available for up to 6 people (accommodation is not included in the rental fee). If you're interested in a sauna, please check out the Hut and Sauna service.


Under 25

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Cabin Muu tila Outdoor space

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