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Luotosen Savottakämppä

Celebration Meeting Sauna evening Seminar/conference Wedding

Contact information

Luotosentie 607, 44500 Viitasaari

Accurate location:
Key locker is located in the mainbuilding at the door by the sauna

+358 (0) 505141001


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The old log basecamo exudes the atmosphere of the 50s, but contains full modern comforts on the shore of the wilderness Luotonen lake. In the courtyard, there is a traditional finnish sauna, a smoke sauna and an old horse stable for parties, where up to 70 people can dine. Inside, you will be accommodated in rooms for 1-3 people in comfortable beds in the scent of a clean log house and in the peace of nature. Catering services can be booked for parties and meetings from local restaurants.

Additional information

rooms 1 pc single, 2 pc triple 6 pc double
2 pc toilets, shower kitchen includes set for 25 people


51-100 Under 25

Premise type

Cabin Estate Meeting room Muu tila Outdoor space Sauna


Cozy Relaxed Rustic

Additional criteria

Accessible space Catering Experience and/or programme services Own drinks Own servings Sauna