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Restaurant Moosemanor

Celebration Christmas party

Contact information

Heinäseläntie 381, 42100, Jämsä

Accurate location:
Close to skicenter Himos in Jämsä

+358400 488 779


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Lapland dining in warm and airfresh hut

Additional information

Groups of 10 to 25 people can be accommodated in the cabin.
In the shed, the fire-operated underfloor heating and replacement air keep the air fresh so that the clothes do not get smoky after the visit.
The hut menus include a tour of the zoo, getting to know moose, reindeer and red deer.
12 years and under for half price on products.
The use of the home results in a flat rent of €180.


Under 25

Premise type

Bar Muu tila


Intimate Relaxed Rustic

Additional criteria

A-license, rights to serve alcohol Catering