People listening to a lecture at Säynätsalo Town Hall
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Säynätsalo Town Hall / Councelours' Chamber

Celebration Karonkka Meeting Performance/screening Wedding

Contact information

Parviaisentie 9, 40900 Jyväskylä

046 582 1060


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The Chamber is a classic space with 21 seats in a classroom format (fixed, non-removable) and benches at the back and edges of the room for up to 50 people.
The space is strongly protected, and we can't arrange any catering there. Catering is possible in other rooms.
The space can be equipped with a screen and a data projector.
The room has wireless Internet. Access to the space is not accessible.

Additional information

You can order meeting meals to be served in other spaces of the building (extra fee) or in the AaBakery Café. If desired, Juhlatalo Juurikkasaari's restaurant, evening entertainment, and sauna services can also be included in the meeting.
If desired, the program can include a half-hour tour of Alvar Aalto and the history and present of Säynätsalo.



Premise type

Ballroom Meeting room