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Oittilantie 101, 41800 Korpilahti



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Facilities, catering and the turn-of-the-century milieu on the shores of Lake Päijänne, at the edge of the Vaarunvuori.

Vaarunhovi operates in the former Mutanen Parish, a magnificent log building built and just restored in the late 19th century. Functional tile stoves, sturdy log walls and decorative wallpaper, not to mention chandeliers, add to the atmosphere.

Additional information

Opportunity to acquire welfare, talent or nature program services through partners. The yard areas can also be used for various yard games or exercise.

Meeting, training and banquet facilities for 10-110 people.
Training room......20 people
Dining room.........30 people
Ballroom.................60 people
Parsonage..............50 people

The dining room, ballroom and parsonage are can be connected by double doors.

Log beach sauna is about 70 meters from the main house to the sauna, as well as from the sauna to our sandy beach. The sauna building includes sauna and shower facilities for about 20 people, a spacious living room, a toilet and a handy kitchen. The sauna does not have A-licenses, so you can also enjoy your own sauna drinks on the premises.

In addition to the beach sauna, the company's own three-hectare plot has a barbecue shed and a lawn.


101-150 26-50 51-100 Under 25

Premise type

Ballroom Estate Meeting room Outdoor space Sauna


Festive Rustic

Additional criteria

A-license, rights to serve alcohol Catering Experience and/or programme services Sauna