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Valkola manor house / Sauna facilities

Sauna evening

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Keskustie 38, 41520 Hankasalmi

+358 (0) 466395399


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In the yard of Valkola Manor there is a wooden sauna made of an old barn. The steam in the dark sauna is soft and enjoyable. You can also stay overnight in the sauna chamber. We also prepare evening snacks or breakfast to order.

Additional information

The sauna is heated min. for 4 people. The price is 20 € / person. It includes sauna facilities and a cabin for 3 hours. The sauna cabin can accommodate up to 2 people, but mattresses can still be placed on the floor if necessary. Overnight accommodation in the sauna cabin costs 40 € / person. Bed linen and towel 10 e / person. The sauna cabin has a fridge and a coffee maker and kettle.


Under 25

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Cozy Relaxed

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Accommodation Catering Own drinks Own servings Sauna