Keltainen Valkolan Kartano.
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Valkola Manor / Old Cottage

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Keskustie 38, 41520 Hankasalmi

+358 (0) 466395399


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Valkola's old cottage is reminiscent of a bygone era. An old wall clock ticks on the wall and time almost stops. The atmosphere is calming and nurturing.

Additional information

Valkola Manor was built in 1927. Come and experience the unique atmosphere of the old cottage. You can come to Valkola to dine with a small or even a larger group. We serve tasty dishes with local ingredients from local producers. We also prefer organic. Food orders and room reservations in advance 0466395399 Valkola /Janna Kiuru.


Under 25

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Estate Farm


Cozy Relaxed

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Accommodation Catering Video projector WiFi