Tommi Lindholm

Tommi Lindholm, An ice cream master

Tommi Lindholm is not just any master, he is an ice cream master. He works at Art Food Heaven Ltd in Jyväskylä as an ice cream master of the Art Gelato brand. He wants to make delicious, local, and surprising taste experiences available to everyone.

My interest in food and internal fire towards the food sector arose at the age of 13, when I followed the work of a chef at my parents’ restaurant, Lindholm tells about his journey to become a chef and an ice cream master.

It became a passion for me, a vocation, that I enjoy immensely, he continues.

Lindholm has a deep respect for his profession and at the same time he carefully cherishes the customer’s experience. At the heart of his food philosophy is surveying and fulfilling customers’ hopes and needs. Lindholm wants to offer his customers a variety of solutions from which the customers can choose the most suitable for themselves.

I feel that my mission in life is to expand the flavor options available and make good taste experiences available to everyone. I don’t make compromises or prepare any food or ice cream from poor quality ingredients, he describes his food philosophy.

Locality also means a lot to Lindholm. There are many great producers of ingredients in Central Finland, whose ingredients he wants to utilize in his own ingredient procurements. It is important for Lindholm to be able to bring out the locality and the producers behind the ingredients in his own products and flavors.

Cooperation with local producers has led to new innovations like Äänekoski-gelato developed by Lindholm. Gelato has got its taste from Aura Gold blue cheese, which is produced at Valio’s factory in Äänekoski.

Locality at its best! Lindholm rejoices.

Locality at its best!

Tommi Lindholm

Trying and listening leads to new tastes

There are certainly hundreds, if not thousands, of different ice cream flavors. Where does an ice cream master find inspiration for his ice creams?

There is a phrase “you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel”, and that is true, Lindholm describes the process of developing a new ice cream flavor.

He develops new flavors by taking into account current trends and then tries them out with his own twist. Partners and customers also often share suggestions for new flavors and Lindholm listens to them with pleasure, because people themselves know what flavors serve them the best.

I am willing to try any ingredient and that way create new flavors and flavor combinations. I also want to encourage others to test and find their own favorite flavors.

Cooperation and surprises with ice cream

Lindholm enjoys exchanging ideas with other local experts and producers. He says that composing ideas with others helps with creating new flavors that might serve on particular restaurant’s upcoming menu either as it is or as a component of a portion. According to Lindholm surprisingness is important and creates a wow-effect that sticks in the customer’s mind.

The most important thing for me is that I can provide all ice cream lovers with a taste experience, an experience of calming down, enjoyment, and a taste they remember, Lindholm describes.

The most important thing for me is that I can provide all ice cream lovers with a taste experience, an experience of calming down, enjoyment, and a taste they remember.

Tommi Lindholm

It is always a good time to eat ice cream, right? He continues with a twinkle in his eye.

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Text: Viivi Kaartinen, Communications specialist, Central Finland food chain coordination 2-project, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. 

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