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There are plenty of ideas and experiences to be had in Jyväskylä’s urban area for families with children, suitable for adventurers and explorers alike. The parks are verdant with many activities to try out, and the hospitable beach offers a bevy of different pursuits, all there to spice up your day. The city’s interesting museums allow you to explore the wonders of nature and craftsmanship alike. The city has a great deal of fun things to do for the whole family either free of charge or at a low cost. 

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One good option to begin a carefree day is in the Harju outdoor recreation area right at the edge of the city centre. You can climb up to the ridge using the Nero staircase, and perhaps visit the Natural History Museum or the Vesilinna café-restaurant. The observation tower allows you to view the impressive landscapes all around and over the city centre free of charge. 

Children will find plenty to do at the Mäki-Matti Family Park and Viitaniemi Traffic Park, located very close to the city centre. In Mäki-Matti, you can enjoy not only many different playground structures, but also a stage with a grandstand, a ball-playing field, as well as a grill along with benches and lawns ideal for a picnic. The Traffic Park lets children try out pedal cars and bikes in a miniature traffic setting. The young drivers can benefit from a free practicing range complete with real traffic lights and a pretend biogas refuelling station. The park can borrow pedal cars in various sizes as well as bike helmets. In the summertime, the park is attended by adult staff. 

Children of a more advanced age can test their skills in Finland’s first dedicated parkour course, which can be found at Kangaslampi Activity Park. The area is free for anyone to use. The park has railings, climbing frames, as well as obstacles carved from natural stone. The course is built in accordance with safety norms common to all playground equipment and the entire area is covered with rubber mats. 

For a brief respite from such arduous adventures, a good idea for relaxation is taking a rest at the Tuomiojärvi beach, or at the island cabin owned by the Jyväskylä Parish’s youth services. The cabin, “a summer home for all city inhabitants”, is ideal for a relaxing day in the midst of nature. The island’s doors are open for everybody, while respecting each neighbour and the nature. 

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Mäki-Matti Family Park

Oikokatu 7, 40700 Jyväskylä 

The Mäki-Matti Family Park has existed since 1979 and is located at Oikokatu street right next to Harju in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. The Mäki-Matti Family Park consists of two wooden buildings and an outdoor play area. In the buildings you can find a playroom, a kitchen as well as toilets. In the outdoor area, the playing grounds and fields are complemented by such facilities as a barbecue spot and a stage. The Family Park’s facilities can also be rented for private use. The park is very popular among families thanks to its warm and communal atmosphere. 

The opening hours for the park’s toy storehouse and indoor facilities can be found here. 

Harju tower and Natural History Museum

Vesilinna, Ihantolantie 5, 40720 Jyväskylä
tel. 040 805 4043

The Harju tower, also known as Vesilinna, is both a water tower and an observation tower. The building, designed by Olavi Kivimaa, was completed in 1953. Today, the Harju tower can be accessed by lift, allowing you to marvel at the view in all four cardinal directions from its 34-metre height. Downstairs, you can explore the Natural History Museum, part of the Open Science Centre and the University Museum of Jyväskylä University. The Natural History Museum is dedicated to the diverse nature of Central Finland and the protection of the environment, providing interesting information for the whole family! Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum hosts a variety of time-limited special exhibitions. 

Both the Vesilinna observation tower and the Natural History Museum can be visited free of charge all around the year. You can find the opening hours of the Harju tower and the Natural History Museum here. 

The Viitaniemi traffic park

Eeronkatu 15, 40720 Jyväskylä 

The traffic park located, in Viitaniemi, Jyväskylä, is a place for the whole family to enjoy. The park is an ideal setting for learning traffic regulations, zooming about on pedal cars. Pedal cars for children, as well as tricycles for the very youngest, can be borrowed from the park. Parents can join in on the journey as well, since the park has several two-seater pedal cars. All children in the traffic park are at the responsibility of their guardians. Remember to bring a helmet for everyone who wants to drive; the park is for helmet wearers only! Entry to the park is free. 

Check out the opening hours of the traffic park here. 

Tuomiojärvi and Lehtisaari

Viitaniemi, 40720 Jyväskylä

Tuomiojärvi is one of the primary lakes of the Jyväskylä city area. The Tuomiojärvi beach is a popular swimming destination in Jyväskylä. In June and July, the beach has a lifeguard every day. In the swimming season, visitors can benefit from e.g. a pier, two platforms, dressing booths, toilets, a lifeboat and a life buoy, as well as a kiosk store. The beach has both sand and lawn areas. 

On Lehtisaari island in Tuomiojärvi lake a summer cabin maintained by the Jyväskylä Parish can be found, offering activities for all ages. In Lehtisaari, possible activities include swimming with the aid of buoyant belts, the sauna, pancakes at the campfire site, borrowing a canoe or a rowboat, a variety of outdoor games, as well as just enjoying the summer day with a cup of fair trade coffee from the cafe!
All activities, including the sauna and boat transport to the island, are free of charge in Lehtisaari. 

The boat to the island leaves from the Viitaniemi pier at every even hour (life preservers are on the house). 

Parkour course

Kaakkolammentie 7, 40340 Jyväskylä

Kangaslampi is home to Finland’s first dedicated parkour course, with a selection of equipment and structures designed specifically for the parkour hobby. The area has railings, climbing frames, as well as obstacles carved from natural stone. The entire area is covered in a rubber mat to allow safe practicing. The park has been inspired by ideas all the way from Central Europe. 

The parkour course can be freely used by every daredevil in the family. 

The Craft Museum of Finland and the National Costume Centre

Kauppakatu 25, 40100 Jyväskylä
tel. 014 266 4370 

The Craft Museum of Finland and the National Costume Centre are located on the Kauppakatu pedestrian street in the heart of the city. The museum allows you to choose for yourself what you want to try and experience. For example, you can come to the Open Workshop to make something new with your hands, with your imagination the only limit; the Sense Space allows you to experience the world of crafts with all your senses. The Craft Museum of Finland is open all year round with both permanent and temporary exhibitions for viewing. The museum has things to do for the whole family! 

The Craft Museum of Finland is also host to the National Costume Centre, dedicated to preserving and displaying Finnish national costumes and other traditional clothing. The National Costume Centre organizes exhibitions, shows, workshops, and various other events and themed guided tours all year round. 

The museum’s opening hours and entrance fees can be found here. 

Ysitien Lemmikki

Palvaniementie 2, 41450 Leppälahti
tel. 0400 545 255 

The Ysitien Lemmikki zoo has been a purveyor of joy and experience since opening in 1982. The zoo is an ideal destination especially for families with children, but all those with an interest in animals are welcome. 

Among the zoo’s animals are a cat, a pony, llamas, a donkey, sheep, goats, ducks, bunnies, peacocks, hens of various breeds, boars, Mangalica pigs, reindeer, etc. 

Veijari Activity Park

Puistotie 1, 43250 Kolkanlahti
p. 0400 621 663

The Activity Park Veijari, is, true to its name, dedicated to activity; adventure and motion in the fresh outdoor air, in nature. Apart from the numerous activities, the park is also home to a host of friendly animals, the atmospheric Kappelilampi summer café by the pond, as well as the restaurant’s delicious selection. 

Maauimala activity park

Lukkoilantie 13A , 42100 Jämsä

Maauimala activity park is centrally located outdoor sporting facility offers great opportunities for sports and recreation. In the heat of the summer, you can enjoy the sun on the park’s many laws and take a swim from time to time. After a run, you can stop by to try the exercise equipment in the outdoor gym or let the children enjoy the playground. The activity park is also home to Finland’s largest outdoor Bukk Off Ice game park for hockey and floorball training. 

Another opportunity at the activity park is the pump track course to test your balancing skills, which can be used e.g. riding a bike, a kick scooter, or a skateboard. Across the road is the Traffic Park that allows children to learn about traffic rules and practice their driving skills with pedal cars. 

Nokkakivi Amusement Park

Nokkakivi Park, Ruuhimäentie 3, 41400 Lievestuore 

The Nokkakivi Amusement Park is the favourite of young children, offering nostalgic, old-time fairground experience. The park is home to a Ferris wheel and other classic rides. Calm and safe, the park is a fantastic opportunity to let the children run wild to their heart’s content. Nokkakivi Park is even home to the only genuine hedge maze in Finland! In the high season, dedicated Park Princesses welcome children and their families to a day of fun. 

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