Tips on having winter holiday in the Jyväskylä Region

Winter holiday is just around the corner and the snowy Jyväskylä Region warmly welcomes the holidaymakers. In the Jyväskylä Region, you can have your winter holiday consisting of well-being and pampering, refreshing winter activities or cultural experiences. There are fun and safe winter activities available for everyone, whether you are on the move alone or with others. Read below tips on a memorable winter holiday, get tuned into the holiday mood and break out of everyday life in the Jyväskylä Region!

Please, note that all holiday activities will be implemented taking into account the epidemic situation, so changes are possible. We also urge travellers to follow the recommendations and arrive in the Jyväskylä Region only in good health. Please check additional information on the impact of coronavirus in the Jyväskylä Region.

Refresh yourself with winter activities

Come and spend a brisk day enjoying winter activities by downhill skiing, snowboarding, sliding a slope or skiing. The versatile Ski Resorts Laajis, Riihivuori, Häkärinteet and Himos in the Central Finland not only provide the traditional winter sports but also an opportunity to hire the equipment needed. You can, for example, go for a snowshoe walk in the peace of the forest or winter biking. In Jyväskylä, you can enjoy sharp frost days also by ice skating on numerous natural ice rinks or artificial ice rinks. For the ones who prefer more faster-paced winter sports, we recommend an exciting snowmobile trip or arctic floating in the Varjola Resort & Activities.

Prices for experiences at Varjola:
Snowmobile safari, price from 95 €/person
Arctic floating, price from 30 €/person
Husky sledge ride, price from 40 €/person

Did you know that not all jogging and nature trails serve as ski trails in winter time, but you can enjoy the snowy landscapes also on foot? The routes suitable for walking in Jyväskylä can be found on the Harju Ridge, on the route around the Kangaslampi Pond along with the so-called Water tower (Vesitorni) route in Touruvuori. The routes of the Leivonmäki National Park are also convenient for outdoor activities through the winter. You can visit the Oravivuori Observation Tower, known as one the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, also in winter, but, however, there is no actual winter maintenance for the path. Read more about places with scenic views and nature trails here.

You can enjoy special winter activities on a lovely Icelandic horse riding tour, where you can admire stunning wintry forest landscapes. The Purola Farm’s 2 hours Icelandic horse riding tours are 58 € per person. At the Purola Farm in Saarijärvi, you can also pamper yourself with yoga, guided walking in the forest or acupuncture treatments. Another exciting winter time activity is trying the Finnish sleigh carousel at Savutuvan Apaja. There is an outdoor cafe at Savutuvan Apaja open during week 9 from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. You can also go to a sauna and try ice swimming at Savutuvan Apaja – the tickets for those should be purchased in advance. Explore more winter activities in the Jyväskylä region here!

Winter activity offers

First time on skis -guidance

Basics for first time cross country skiers: ski technique guidance, ski tour, duration 2 hours.
Group size: 2-8 hlöä
Place: Laajavuori or Ladunmaja, Jyväskylä
Time: Winter holiday weeks 8-10 from Thursdays to Saturdays starting at 1 pm. First guidance 25.2.
Price: €60/person includes guidance and equipment, hot juice.
Info and reservations from the website of by phone +358 40 5668729

Tour skating

Safety, skating technique instructions, coffee/juice during a break. Duration 3 hours.
Place: Jyväsjärvi, Jyväskylä harbour depending on the ice conditions.
Price: €48/person includes guidance and equipments, hot juice.
Info and reservations from the website or by phone +358 40 5668729

Person skiing in sunny winter landscape.

Have fun on a city holiday

Jyväskylä provides accommodation options for every taste. Book a lovely room from the Harmooni or from the Jyväskylä Sokos Hotels Alexandra or Paviljonki. Right in the city centre, near the Kompassi Square, you can find  Hotel Verso, not forgetting  Boutique Hotel Yöpuu with its breakfast recently being reviewed as the best in Finland! Other hotels in the city centre area are Scandic Station and Scandic City. If you prefer to stay a bit further from the city centre, but still within walking distance, the Hotel Alba on the shore of the lake Jyväsjärvi provides you with an excellent option.

Drop in for a lunch at Harmooni or book a table at their rustic Kellari Restaurant. If a short car trip to the neighbouring community attracts you, there is a cosy Restaurant Riihikelo on the top of the Riihivuori Mountain with its stunning scenery.

The outdoor gym in the Jyväskylä Harbour along with the Rantaraitti recreational route around the Lake Jyväsjärvi allow for a little sweat in the middle of a fresh winter day. From the Jyväskylä Harbour you can also find Kotakahvila, where you can enjoy coffee and Finnish crepes.

Other fun winter day activities could be found and provided by Versona Ltd., such as a guided tour on riding a fatbike or, for a bit freer going, hiring gliding snowshoes of your own. Also Tavinsulka (a service provider of various outdoor activities, especially those related to water and nature) arranges some winter events by advance registration. Maybe you could also spend the crisp winter day in the Nukula peat sauna or just in the traditional wood-heated log sauna by the Lake Päijänne.

You can enjoy the stunning city lighting all year round, for Jyväskylä has over 100 permanent lighting sites and installations. By using the mobile application or the lighting site and installation map of the City of Light, you can go and explore the lighting sites and installations self-guided and safely, each of them being a more spectacular work.

photo: Hotel Yöpuu

Pamper yourself at the spas and in the saunas

What could be better than having an unhurried pampering day at the spa! The Peurunka Spa in Laukaa offers joy for the skiing holiday for the whole family and at the Scandic Laajavuori, Conference and Spa Hotel, you can combine your spa experience with downhill skiing in the Laajis-Laajavuori Ski Resort.

After a day full of winter activities it is wonderful to just relax in the heat of the sauna. The Jyväskylä Region provides numerous saunas both for persons preferring traditional sauna experiences and persons preferring more special ones. Would you go to the smoke sauna and outdoor whirlpool paths in Revontuli – The Northern Lights Resort, to women’s peat sauna evening in the Tupaswilla Heritage Village, to the sauna evenings of the Haiku sauna or the Jyväskylä traditional sauna bathers? The Kankaan Sauna is, in turn, the newest public sauna in Jyväskylä and you can book your own sauna shift neatly online for the time you want.

photo: Julia Kivelä

Take your time and enjoy your staying in the cottage

Book a cottage equipped with an outdoor whirlpool path in the Himos Holiday Resort or stay overnight in the Piispala Youth Centre/Centre of Leisure, Sports and Well-being in Kannonkoski. In Kannonkoski, you will find a plenty of activities for families with children, from a sled hill to a children’s trick trail for physical activity and bowling. You can escape from everyday life by booking a glass igloo from Revontuli – The Northern Lights Resort along with a wonderful pampering package that includes an atmospheric dinner at the Aurora Restaurant.

Did you know that this year the Shrove Sunday happens to be the same day as Valentine’s Day? So gather your friends and head together to Savutuvan Apaja for some winter fun, taking outdoor exercise and enjoying laskiaispulla (Shrove buns)!

Photo: Revontuli

Have an adventure in the museums and galleries

You can spend a frosty day indoors by having an adventure in many museums and galleries in the Region. And of course, in the cafés sipping warm drinks and enjoying some delicacies! The magnificently renovated Museum of Central Finland provides you with an opportunity to explore the Central Finnishness. You have still time to visit the Alvar Aalto Museum too, located near the Museum of Central Finland. The Museum will be closed in Mars due to complete renovation.

Alternating exhibitions in the museums during the spring:

The Museum of Central Finland
Kolmas aalto (The Third Wave), The Jyväskylä Artists’ Association, 73rd Annual Exhibition, 16th of January–5th of April
Arktisia unelmia (Arctic Dreams), 30th of January–21st of March

The Alvar Aalto Museum
7th of January–21st of March Muotoja moneksi – 30 vuotta intohimoista keräilyä (Diverse Design – 30 years of passionate collecting)
6th of November–21st of March Haave museosta. Alvar Aallon museosuunnitelmat (The Dream of a Museum. Alvar Aalto’s Museum Designs)

The Jyväskylä Art Museum
19th of September 2020–14th of March 2021 Matkalla maan keskipisteeseen 2020 (Journey to the Heartlands 2020)

The Järvilinna Art Centre
9th of January–4th of April Väinö Rusanen – minun maisemani (My Landscape)

The Finnish Air Force Museum
The Finnish aviation history from its beginning to the present days

Photo: Tero Takalo-Eskola

Be fascinated by Alvar Aalto’s architecture and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Did you know that in Jyväskylä there is the largest number of significant buildings in the whole world designed by the world-famous architect, academician Alvar Aalto? The total of 29 buildings includes, for example, the Jyväskylä University, the Muurame Church and the Säynätsalo Town Hall which is regarded as one of Aalto’s finest works. In the wintertime, you can book a safe private guided tour from the Säynätsalo Town Hall or stay overnight in a unique environment. You should hurry to visit also the Aalto Museum before the renovation, which begins in March.

Book a guided tour at the Säynätsalo Town Hall by sending e-mail to or by calling, telephone number +358 46 582 1060. Private guided tour (duration about 30 minutes): entrance fees + 30 €/group.

You can explore Alvar Aalto’s life and production self-guided or with a guide. See more of Jyväskylä, the capital city of Alvar Aalto.

The Jyväskylä Region is home to two of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Struve Geodetic Arc at the Oravivuori and the Petäjävesi Old Church. The Oravivuori Observation Tower provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a wintry hiking day. Note, however, that there is no winter maintenance there and therefore you must be careful. Or would you take a wilderness guide with you? By booking a guided tour you get to hear fascinating stories about the Petäjävesi Old Church. A guided tour must be booked at least two weeks in advance through the Church’s website.

photo: Eemeli Nättinen

Explore the new places to visit!

There are new places to visit in the Jyväskylä Region! Below you can find the most interesting new places to visit and holiday offers, what do you try first?

  • Would you stay overnight in the AuroraHut glass igloo of the Laajis-Laajavuori Ski Resort in the vicinity of the Matti Nykänen’s ski jumping hill? The price for staying overnight in the AuroraHut is 250 €/night. If the AuroraHut is not available at the time you want, you can enjoy staying in a glass igloo also in Revontuli – The Northern Lights Resort in Hankasalmi.
  • Pampering for beer lovers! Come and taste great beers of the local Hiisi Brewery in the new Hiisi Taproom & Bottleshop.
  • Come and enjoy the café atmosphere at the Naissaaren Koskenhenki by the rapids.
  • How about a cottage above the trees with a magnificent view! In the observation tower of the Häähninmäki Hill, located on the border of Konnevesi and Hankasalmi, you have an opportunity to stay overnight in a heated cottage at the top of the tower. The cottage has been already fully booked until next summer, but would this be on your bucket list?
Photo: Taproom & Bottleshop HIISI brewery


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