On foot or by bicycle 

Jyväskylä pyöräillen
Photo: Jouni Kallio

The size of Jyväskylä is ideal: the most important services are located within a relatively small area. The pedestrian street in the heart of the city runs from Kirkkopuisto Park to Are Square. The street has ample parking for bicycles. Getting around by bike or on foot is fast and easy in the conveniently compact centre of Jyväskylä.

  • Jyväskylä is the City of Light in Finland. Well-designed urban lighting creates a pleasant environment and an atmosphere of safety. 
  • Forgot your bike home? Check bike rental places in Jyväskylä below.

Jyväskylä is an international leader in urban lighting, showing the way for other cities. In its innovative lighting, Jyväskylä focuses on energy efficiency, safety and aesthetics, making the city even more enjoyable for residents and visitors. Jyväskylä has about 31,000 outdoor lighting fixtures in the streets and parks as well as recreational sites maintained by the City of Jyväskylä Sports Services.

The attractions in Jyväskylä include more than 80 impressive lighting installations. Visit the City of Light online – and then come and see for yourself! 

Summer 2019 bike rental places:

Vaasankatu 8, 40100 Jyväskylä
p. 040 535 2010
info (at) polkupyoratori.fi

Prices: 10 €/day, on weekends 15€/day, 40 € per week + 25 € collateral
Used bikes for sale from 50€. Also new bikes for sale.

Peurungantie 85, Laukaa
p. 020 751 601
peurunka (at) peurunka.fi

Prices: 10 € / 3 h.

Rent@Bike Jyväskylä
p. 050 443 3820
vexi.virtanen (at) kolumbus.fi
Price: 20 €/ day, 50 € per week 
Price includes a helmet and saddle setting. 
Delivery in Jyväskylä. Book beforehand!

Lutakon satamakahvila 
Satamakatu 4, Jyväskylä
p. 0400 706 691
sari.wigell (at) pp.inet.fi
Price: 15 €/day
4 regular bikes and 5 electric bikes.
Electric bike prices: 1h/25€, 2h/35€ & 90€/day.

Matarankatu 6 A 1, Jyväskylä
p. 045 320 6540
toimisto (at) japary.fi

Borrowing a bike is free, 1-3 days
Borrow after 2pm and return until 12pm

LUMAK Adventures
Revontulentie 2, 41500 Hankasalmi
tel. +358 44 972 2644
contact (at) lumakadventures.fi

Fatbike rental in Jyväskylä starting from EUR 40 per 4 hours, 4 bikes minimum. Bikepacking trips starting from EUR 60 per 2 hours.
Prices include a helmet and, if needed, a light for the bike as well as a Fatbike Trek Farley 5.

Laajis Oy, Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä
tel. +358 207 436 437
+358 400 114 157

vuokraamo (at) laajis.fi

info (at) laajis.fi

E-fatbike rentals.


40€ / 2 hours
55€ / 4 hours
80€ / 1 day
150€ / 2 days
180€ / Fri-Sun
300€ / 1 week
Guided bike rides starting at 90 €/ 1 h.

All prices include an e-fatbike, a helmet and a lock. In addition you’ll receive user instructions and route suggestions in the Jyväskylä area. The bikes are located at Laajis. For an extra fee the bikes can be transported to a specified location.

Downhillbikes -rentalprices starting at 35€/ 2h

E-scooters prices starting at 20€/ 2h

Satamakatu 8
puh. 040 164 6168
info (at) houseboat.fi


Fatbike 1 day – 25€

E-bike 1 day – 50€

Mountainbike 1 day – 25€

Bike with 7 gears 1 day – 17€

Bike rental is available only for customers, who have rented a boat!



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