Jyväskylä Region

In addition to Jyväskylä, the Jyväskylä Region includes the municipalities of Hankasalmi, Joutsa, Laukaa, Muurame, Petäjävesi, Toivakka, Uurainen and Äänekoski. The region is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: Petäjävesi Old Church and the Oravivuori triangulation tower. Other impressive attractions include the Saraakallio rock paintings and the world’s only planetarium located deep in the rock. In addition, the region has more sites designed by Alvar Aalto than any other area its size in the world.

Jyväskylä kuvattuna ilmastaPhoto: Suomen Ilmakuva Oy


One of the most attractive areas in Finland, Jyväskylä is the modern and youthful home of almost 142,000 residents. Its conveniently compact city centre and vibrant countryside create a fascinating whole. Famous for its students and architecture, Jyväskylä offers a wide range of Finnish and international events as well as activities around the year. Its events, sights, restaurants and accommodation and shopping opportunities attract a large number of Finnish and international visitors. www.jyvaskyla.fi/international




Revontuli Resort’s sauna world and entertainment offer - golf, bowling and dining - as well as fantastic igloos stand at Hankasalmi’s heart. In winter Finland’s best ski centre for families – Häkärinteet – offers 13 ski slopes plus the Häkä Snow Park. From Häähninmäki there is a network of recreational trails extending over 100 km for hikers and mountain bikers set amidst outstanding nature. Sepän Galleria, the museum village in the centre of Hankasalmi proper as well as the observatory at Kankainen are all worthy of a visit. Erä’s Pete in turn will be happy to arrange activities and
excursions as required. www.hankasalmi.fi


Nature of Joutsa


Joutsa is a lively and pleasant municipality situated in southern Central Finland on highway four.
The attractive lake scenery and excellent selection of services on offer make Joutsa a popular tourist destination. Leivonmäki national park’s well maintained and easily walked trails take the visitor through bogland, ridges and lake shores. It makes a wonderful venue for a day trip but the lean-to shelters and
locations for open fires also permit overnighting. www.joutsa.fi




With its 19 000 inhabitants Laukaa is widely known for its active lifestyle, events, theatre,
breathtak-ing natural attractions and varied terrain crisscrossed by hiking trails. Laukaa’s most popular visitor destinations include Spa Hotel Peurunka, Laukaan Peurunkagolf’s 18-hole golf course, the art exhibitions at Taidekeskus Järvilinna, Tupaswilla heritage village and Varjola Farm with its many activities. Children are particularly enthralled by Nokkakivi amusement park, the animals at Tarhalehto Farm and Hilarius Mouse’s village. The holiday of your life in nearby Laukaa: www.visitlaukaa.fi


Muurame ChurchPhoto: Tiina Riuttanen


Muurame is just a 15-minute drive from Jyväskylä in the direction of Tampere. Come and see the church designed by Alvar Aalto, the UkkoMetso light-artwork, play golf, enjoy some theatre or a nature trail excursion, or perhaps take a stroll up the Muuramenharju ridge. Various accommodation options are available including Riihivuori. Further information: www.muurame.fi

Photo: Designed by Alvar Aalto, Muurame church was restored to its original condition in 2016.


Petäjävesi Old ChurchPhoto: Tero Takalo-Eskola


Very much a country village at heart, Petäjävesi possesses enchanting natural attractions, in Petäjävesi Old Church a UNESCO world heritage site, and is home to some 4 000 people. Petäjävesi can be reached from Jyväskylä in under 30 minutes. Stay overnight in a vicarage dating back over a hundred years, pet some sheep, enjoy the nostalgic romance of the countryside in a farmhouse suite or rent a summer cottage set amidst outstanding nature – in Petäjävesi life is there to be enjoyed. Known for its community spirit and local food, Petäjävesi has 150-year-old roots extending deep into Finland’s soil. www.petajavesi.fi




Toivakka, reachable from Jyväskylä in less than 30 minutes, offers a great deal to see and experience such as the church ceiling paintings by Pellervo Lukumies, fantastic experiences in nature both on land and water, as well as numerous sports and recreational activities like disc golf, for instance. Wellness and event services are offered by a number of firms including Taulu Manor, Wäärälä, Ruuhipirtti, Pistoretki, Huikko Manor, Nukula and Sun Toive. Local businesses specializing in concerts, retreats, excursions, inspirational photography and good food are also on hand. www.toivakka.fi


MarjoniementilaPhoto: Marjoniementila Oy


With a population of over 3 700, the beautiful municipality of Uurainen treats visitors to an experience characterised by tranquillity and close proximity to nature. Marjoniementila – a 19th century rectory, Hepokuusela, Huutoniemi recreational area and other services offer visitors some unique activities and accommodation brimming with atmosphere. Summer is punctuated by a number of popular events, while culture lovers take great pleasure in Uurainen church, completed in 1905. Hietasaari camping and caravanning area, often called Central Finland’s riviera, is located on the shore of Lake Kyynämoinen. www.uurainen.fi


Suolahti railway stationPhoto: Maija Seppänen


Äänekoski is full of surprises! Come and experience the tumbling Kapeenkoski rapids, dancing and dining at Kartano Kievari, excursions by 1950s ‘flat hat’ diesel train, or even La Kala opera. Visitors
are treated to a wide variety of events all year round. Four distinct and lively areas tempt the visitor
to explore a city which famously never stands still. Quick to embrace the bio-economy in pioneering fashion, the city’s diversity is complemented by wonderful nature and some big personalities,
including two nationally-recognised village idiots. Take a look – and prepare for a surprise: www.visitaanekoski.fi




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