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Tourist Information

Visit Jyväskylä tourist office is a tourist information service established jointly by the municipalities of Jyväskylä, Laukaa, Muurame, Uurainen, Hankasalmi, Petäjävesi, Toivakka, Joutsa and Äänekoski. It provides information on attractions, accommodation, restaurants and events in the Jyväskylä region. Free brochures and maps are available. Sets of Visit Jyväskylä tourist brochures in various languages can be ordered from travel (at) or by phone at +358 14 266 0133. Guides are also available for bus tours and walks, primarily for groups.

From September to April, the tourist office operates on a self-service basis but it is manned from May to August. At the self-service outlet, visitors can get to know the region by means of brochures and websites. Free WiFi access is provided. Tourist service agents can be reached by phone, chat and skype during the hours indicated below.

Forum shopping centre
Jyväskylä Info
Asemakatu 7, 40100 Jyväskylä
Entrance from Asemakatu street 
tel. +358 14 266 0113
travel (at)

Opening hours:
17.8.-11.9. on Monday to Wednesday 10 am. to 5 pm. and Tuesday to Friday 10 am. to 4 pm.

Winter season: On Monday 10am. to 5pm. and Tuesday to Friday 10am. to 4pm.
Telephone, chat and skype service hours are the same.

Due to corona virus only 10 people at a time are allowed to visit Tourist Information.

Closed during the following days 2020:

Wed 1.1 New Years Day
Mon 6.1. Epiphany
Fri 1.5 May day
Thu 21.5. Ascension Day

Easter 2020

Fri 10.4. Good Friday 
Mon 13.4 Easter Monday  

Midsummer 2020

Fri 19.6. Midsummer Eve
Sat 20.6. Midsummer Day

1.-2.9. change to self-service outlet

Christmas 2020

Thu 24.12. Christmas Eve
Fri 25.12. Christmas Day


Heidi Jämsén

Heidi Jämsén
Tourist assistant

Pia Kojo

Pia Kojo
Content Creator



Jyväskylä Region Tourist Marketing

Tourist Marketing is responsible for coordinating and delivering joint marketing, content delivery and development for Visit Jyväskylä's online channels, printed materials, campaigns, fairs and building partnerships alongside with maintaining network cooperation. 

Jyväskylä Region Tourist Marketing is located in Tietotalo: 2nd floor, Kilpisenkatu 1, FI-40100 Jyväskylä

firstname.surname (at)

  • Susanne Rasmus
    Tourism Director, Head of unit (Visit Jyväskylä)
    tel. +358 14 266 1360, +358 400 885 786

  • Sini Tirronen
    Marketing Designer
    tel. +358 14 266 1359, +358 400 278 920

  • Johanna Maasola
    Tourism Coordinator
    tel. +358 14 266 1456, +358 50 448 2954
  • Tiia Masalin
    Marketing Assistant
    tel. +358 50 344 5715


 Jyväskylä Convention Bureau (JCB)

The Jyväskylä Convention Bureau is responsible for developing, coordinating and marketing events held in the city including the related canvassing and planning processes.
The Jyväskylä Convention Bureau offers active assistance to individuals, organisations and public entities engaged in international and nationwide networks in attracting conferences and conventions to Jyväskylä. JCB is a network of 23 companies and entities.

Address: Tietotalo, Kilpisenkatu 1, 40100 Jyväskylä.

• Jaana Ruponen
Marketing Manager
Tel. +358 14 266 8634, +358 50 344 6496


Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region project (2019–2021)

The Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region project is responsible for representing and delivering marketing activities on behalf of travel industry businesses in Central Finland. The overarching strategic objective for the region as whole is to increase the number of overnight stays by international visitors. The Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region project is targeting annual growth of approximately 10% across the key target markets: German-speaking continental Europe and Japan. There is additional scope for targeting further markets, including the United Kingdom, Benelux countries and France.

The project has been set up to improve the competitiveness of local travel and service industry SMEs, and it seeks to so by drawing up an international tourism strategy, by building on existing international tourism-related skills and expertise in the area, by raising the region’s profile internationally, by making the region more accessible to visitors and by engaging in collaborative activities across regional and national boundaries. The

Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region project’s head office is located in Tietotalo: Kilpisenkatu 1, 40100 Jyväskylä.

  • Päivi Heikkala 
    Project Manager
    tel. +358 50 304 8467
  • Tuomas Paloniemi
    Project Assistant
    tel. +358 50 475 3752









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