How can we help through our digital channels?

As a responsible travel organiser, Visit Jyväskylä will comply with the instructions issued by the authorities and the city of Jyväskylä to contain the coronavirus. While doing so, we wish to help entrepreneurs and travel businesses cope with the situation within the limits imposed by these instructions in accordance with the principles of sustainable travel.

Accordingly, we will use our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram stories, Facebook) and website (, in Finnish: to promote the products and services of local entrepreneurs in a responsible manner.

For this, we need your help: How do you promote your product / service in the current situation in a safe and responsible manner? How have you taken the situation into account? Report your company / products / services using this form (in Finnish). The product / service must be available in the territory of Central Finland.

  • Example 1: A restaurant offers meals through Wolt or other delivery service that leaves prepaid orders outside the customer’s door.
  • Example 2: A holiday trip had to be cancelled --> a holiday in a cabin off the grid.
  • Example 3: Fairs, exhibitions and other such services made available virtually / over the Internet.
  • Example 4: A company may encourage people to buy gift vouchers for later use when the service is again available.
  • Example 5: Stores open their doors 1–2 hours earlier for those most at risk.
  • Example 6: A florist offers (free) delivery to home.

Visit Jyväskylä reserves the right to decide what products/services are promoted through its digital channels. All decisions are based on the latest information available.