Bus tours

The following are examples of themed tours. Guided tours can also be customised to your group’s needs and wishes.


Aalto Bravo

The architect Alvar Aalto in Jyväskylä – a prophet in his own land! This claim is realized on the guided Aalto Bravo bus tour, which provides an acquaintance with Aalto’s production over a period of almost sixty years. There are examples of the classicism embraced in his youth right through to the powerful, mature design language of his latter years. We also treated to stories about the phases of Aalto’s life and the nature of the man himself – not forgetting his talented wives, Aino and Elissa. We see places where he has lived, lines that he has drawn and marks that he has left on the Jyväskylä cityscape. We pay a visit to Säynätsalo, ”the Tahiti of Lake Päijänne” as well as Muurame Church, which was re-opened a short time ago refurbished in 1920s style. The tour ends at the Alvar Aalto Museum, the authentic environment of which also presents a fine opportunity to enjoy Aalto coffee and cake. The tour takes 3 hours, price from € 186/group (1-60 persons). Transport is not included in the price.


 Spirito Aalto

In the creative atmosphere surrounding Alvar Aalto Jyväskylä has acquired a great deal of interesting architecture. On this tour the life’s work of Alvar Aalto and his contemporaries is complemented by an introduction to Jyväskylä’s own, internationally acclaimed take on urban design and the buildings that took shape here on both sides of the millennium. Architecture associated with education and culture, bridges, the wood industry, local government and residential projects has been contributed by numerous fine architects, including Wivi Lönn, Elsi Borg, Arto Sipinen, Kirsti Siven and Asko Takala as well as Anssi Lassila. The locations are toured by bus with a chance to take a closer look on foot in selected places. The tour takes 3 hours, price from € 186/group (1-60 persons). Transport is not included in the price.


Church tour in Jyväskylä

The Jyväskylä Region features numerous buildings belonging to different religious denominations and groups. The tour can be planned according to the customer’s wishes, taking in visits to several churches or congregational buildings. Fascinating venues, for example, include Säynätsalo church from the late 1920s designed by Professor Armas Lindgren, the Catholic Saint Olaf’s church and Kuokkala church, a fine example of modern Finnish architecture, completed in 2010. The length of the tour is 90 minutes within the city and two hours if the tour includes the Säynätsalo area. Price starting from € 112/group (1-60 persons). The price does not include transportation.


Jyväskylä’s lakes and Harju ridge

A bus tour offers an excellent opportunity to explore the history of Jyväskylä as well as its present day. On the trip you will see and hear why the city that has arisen between the Harju ridge and Lake Jyväsjärvi, separated from Lake Päijänne, is called a city of education, culture and sport and why many Finns would like to live in Jyväskylä. Seminaarinmäki hill and the university’s newer campus areas on the shore of Lake Jyväsjärvi provide fine examples of architecture from different periods. The Laajavuori and Hippos recreational centres serve both top-flight athletes and ordinary fitness fans throughout the year. The tour lasts 1.5 hours, price from € 112/group (1-60 persons). Transport is not included in the price.


Summer excursion to the island suburb of Säynätsalo

Säynätsalo is comprised of eleven islands in Lake Päijänne. It is Jyväskylä’s unique island suburb, the natural beauty of which is highly appealing. During the bus tour we take a comprehensive look at Säynätsalo’s attractions. We visit the church designed by Armas Lindgren and Bertel Liljeqvist as well as Säynätsalo Town Hall, completed in 1952 and designed by world-famous architect Alvar Aalto. We also take in Haikka lighthouse, the lush scenery of Lehtisaari, Satasarvinen hill, and admire the shimmering waters of majestic Lake Päijänne. Visitors will also learn the colourful history of the factory-owning Parviainen family and experience the island community of Säynätsalo as it is today. The tour lasts 2 hours, price from € 137/group (1-60 persons). Transport is not included in the price.