Social Programme

Jyväskylä is located in the heart of a beautiful Finnish lake district. There are lots of interesting sites and programme options in Jyväskylä and its surroundings – only half an hour away – for enlivening and supplementing your congress. Here you can find different options for social programme.

In the summer, you can enjoy a cruise on the beautiful Päijänne lake, have a go at canoeing, rafting, hiking, fishing, or even an open-air dance. The region’s numerous golf courses are also open in the summer. Smoke sauna, a Finnish specialty, is also worth trying.

Jyväskylä and its vicinity have several skiing centres, offering opportunities for cross-country as well as downhill skiing in the winter.

A tour of the city is an apt programme number for a congress. With an experienced and trained guide from the Jyväskylä Tourist Guides’ Association, congress delegates can relive the history and today of the city and learn about its architecture, culture, nature and economy.

Guided tours are available in Finnish, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, German, Hungarian, Russian and Estonian. More information on guided tours on visitors pages.


In addition to Paviljonki venue reservations, you can also easily get other event organizer’s services for your event through sales service. The services include also social programme planning.

Paviljonki Fair and Event Centre
Lutakonaukio 12
40100 Jyväskylä

tel. +358 14 339 8143
myyntipalvelu (at)

Spa Hotel Peurunka

Nature adventures in Peurunka

Experiences in nature – all year round!

The nature surrounding Peurunka represents Finland’s lake-filled landscape at its best. Nature, with its different colours and scents, provides an unforgettable setting for magnificent experiences all year round.

We build an experiential programme package for a hiking trip in nature using accessories suitable for the season. The hiking trip ends at a lookout spot where a tasty dinner matching the chosen theme is served.

The range of activities available includes hiking trips, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating, church boat rowing and paddle-boating – plenty to choose from during all seasons!

Timetable example:  2:30 pm Transportation from Jyväskylä, 3:00 pm Arrival in Peurunka with a welcome ceremony, 3:30 pm Guided nature experience and dinner in nature, 7:30 pm Return transportation to Jyväskylä.

Number of participants: 10–500+
Duration: approx. 2–5 hours
Distance from Jyväskylä: approx. 30 min
Price: According to a separate quotation

A dazzling range of things to do in Peurunka

A dazzling range of things to do in Peurunka. Try various kinds of guided experiences and activities on land and water.

Peurunka spa offers a magnificent setting for an unforgettable spa experience. We provide you with an entertainment package custom-built around your chosen theme, supported by lighting, videos on a giant screen, music and, of course, catering that matches the theme.

Our sports facilities make it possible to arrange a custom-made activity programme. Sports sessions can be provided outdoors, in our indoor sporting facilities, or in the ice rink. The range of activities to choose from include the spa, gyms, glow-in-the-dark bowling, curling, disc golf, canoeing, church boat rowing, and archery.

Timetable example: 1:30 pm Transportation from Jyväskylä, 2:00 pm Arrival in Peurunka with a welcome ceremony, 2:30 pm Guided sports activities, 3:30 pm Programme in the experiential spa, 6:00 pm Dinner, 7:30 pm Return transportation to Jyväskylä. Estimated duration 3–5 hours.

Number of participants: 10–500+
Duration: approx. 2–5 hours
Distance from Jyväskylä: approx. 30 min
Price: According to a separate quotation

Spa Hotel Peurunka
Peurungantie 85
41340 Laukaa

tel. +358 20 751 6300
peurunka (at)

Laukaan Tupaswilla

Standing on a log performance at Tupaswilla

You can get familiarised yourself with the Finnish log tradition at Tupaswilla. The persons involved in this performance are of national excellence. You can follow it by standing on duckboards or on wharfs by the bond. Live music creates a genuine atmosphere. Along with the performance, it is possible to arrange a buffet table dining or some other programme according to your wishes. Just half an hour’s drive from the centre of Jyväskylä, a bus transfer will be arranged through Tupaswilla.

Ränssintie 5
41370 Kuusa

tel. 0207 410100
myynti (at) 

The world’s largest smoke sauna at Tupaswilla

The best sauna bath in Finland – Come and experience yourself! The magnificent sauna, built by combining old log buildings, is located by the beautiful forest pond. Your relaxing sauna experience will be completed by taking a dip in the pond or in the warm hot tub. The two dressing rooms and two shower rooms of the Mahti smoke sauna (the world’s largest smoke sauna) enable that even 100 persons can have a sauna together, each wearing a swimsuit. The sauna bath space is common for men and women. There is a cosy campfire place on the sauna’s veranda. Sauna can also include a tasty buffet table dining or a casual evening meal in the sturdy log houses. Just half an hour’s drive from the centre of Jyväskylä, a bus transfer will be arranged through Tupaswilla.

Ränssintie 5
41370 Kuusa

tel. 0207 410100
myynti (at) 

Päijänne-Risteilyt Hilden

Lutakko harbour in the centre of the city is home to a number of pleasant restaurant ships and the natural starting point for a lake cruise or a stroll on the attractive Rantaraitti recreational path that circles Lake Jyväsjärvi. The lake can also be enjoyed from the relaxed comfort of a sauna raft.

One of the most popular social programmes for congresses is a charter cruise on the beautiful Lake Päijänne. Päijänne Risteilyt Hilden Oy has ships of different sizes available, the largest of which can accommodate 199 people.

Päijänne-Risteilyt Hildén Oy provides you with an opportunity to book a memorable trip by water for the purpose of visiting several nature attractions and places, a good example is the Restaurant Savutuvan Apaja. The cruise is a great addition to an evening party as well

Päijänne Risteilyt Hilden
Pellonpääntie 23 A
40820 Haapaniemi (Jyväskylä)

tel. +358 10 320 8820
info (at)

Photo: Keijo Penttinen


Open aquatic leisure services in the land of Thousands Lakes

After an indoor convention day, a thought refreshing, and physically relaxing activity is to go to the aquatic nature of the Land of Thousands of Lakes. Many members of the world scientific community dream of getting there for decades before the opportunity to come to visit Finland in the context of their own scientific professional meeting. A varied and fully customizable program is available to all congress guests. The aquatic nature is accessible with us for people without swimming abilities or in the need of special assistance. Kivelänranta Canoeing Centre is only 2 km from the centre. There more than 100 people can be served at the same time with kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and team boards. By prior arrangement, we can also serve smaller groups (10-50 people) in other water bodies. The programs are available throughout the year. The professional personnel ensure our guests in an enjoyable and safe time, whatever the weather.

Tourujoki canoe tour

This picturesque and green waterway is one of Jyväskylä’s most popular waterways. At the beginning of the trip, you we be will briefly introduced to the equipment and safety issues. The paddling route is through Löylyjoki to Palokkajärvi and from there on to Tourujoki. The guide is actively involved in the trip and helps not only with paddling technique if needed, but also tells stories of local culture-history. Halfway through the excursion, there is a brief stop for stretching and refreshments. The excursion is suitable for everyone and no previous knowledge is required.

Duration about 2,5 hours
Group size 10-30 people
Available during open water time (April-January)

Kayak polo or SUP polo

Kayak polo or SUP polo tournament is ideal for fun-loving groups. 5-people teams are most suitable for it. The staff will provide appropriate equipment and guidance, act as a referee, and ensure safety on the water. After the game, you can have fun in the beach sauna, enjoying food and drinks. You will need to bring a full layer of light sportswear as a change of clothes and a towel.

Duration about 3 hours
Group size teams of 5 people
Available May-September

SUP Yoga or Core-classes

Floating on the lake is a thought-purifying experience and gives physically and mentally recharging time. Since all movements have progressive versions, these classes are accessible at the same time for beginners without any previous experience, and experienced practisers. At the end of the class muscles are relaxed on the beach side sauna. You will need a full layer of exercise clothes for exchange and a towel.

Duration 120 min
Group size 5-10 people
Available May-October

Taulumäentie 47
40200 Jyväskylä

tel. +358 400 899 280
info (at)


Relaxation in Varjola

Varjola Resort & Activities in Laukaa, just half an hour dive away from Jyväskylä, is an experience provider with more than 20 years of experience of organising high quality services.
You can relax in Varjola in a calm and atmospheric countryside setting. Treat yourself with an unforgettable Finnish smoke sauna with jacuzzis under the stars, and enjoy the beautiful, clean and quiet Finnish nature.

tel. +358 20 792 8080
varjola (at)

Action programme in Varjola

Varjola Resort & Activities, only a half an hour drive away from Jyväskylä, is an experience provider where you can book almost 40 different kind of adventures/activities for you and your group!
In Varjola you get to enjoy delicious food services, quality sauna and accommodation and experiences in the beautiful white-water landscapes. Whether you want to relax after a hectic meeting day or just to organise a day full of fun, Varjola is the right place for you. More than 20 years of experience of organising high quality services gives us the right base to make your day one you will never forget!

More information:
Meetings & Events brochure

Contact and ask more:
tel. +358 20 792 8080
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