Aeriel photo of small lakes surrounded by pine forest.

The Lake Suurijärvi hiking route

Yölammintie 211, 44880 Muurasjärvi

The network of routes forms a wider whole, which also includes Peuranpolku’s route network. The landscapes of the Lake Suurijärvi route offer rich and diverse varieties of nature for hikers. The area features barren moors and pine forests, but also coniferous forest, marshes and other types of wetland. The wilderness atmosphere is highlighted by small, natural, virtually untouched waterways, which include lakes, ponds, brooks and springs, etc.  Hikers can marvel at the early stages of natural history, such as post-glacial marine stages, beach ramparts, rocky shores and crushed stone fields. 

A cottage next to a forest photographed on a sunny day.

Pietilä Holiday Cottages

Salmelankyläntie 202, 41330 Vihtavuori

tel. +358 503403154

Welcome to Pietilä Holiday Cottages (Pietilä Lomamökit)! Our cabins are located about half an hour’s drive from Jyväskylä, on the shores of the peaceful Lake Mataroisjärvi in Vuontee. We rent seven different types of holiday cabins, from well-equipped villas to traditional beach cottages. Four of the cabins are used all year round. Kalliorinne and Metsätähti are well-equipped villas located close to each other and connected to them is also an underground smoke sauna for rent. All cottages are equipped with a sauna, a pier, a rowing boat, a barbecue grill, etc. During the summer we also have two kayaks, two sup-boards and an outboard motor for a rowing boat available for hire.