UNESCO World Heritage sites

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The Jyväskylä region is home to two of Finland’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On a single holiday, you can experience  the atmospheric Petäjävesi Old Church  and the stunning views to Lake Päijänne from the Oravivuori Triangulation Tower on the Struve Geodetic Arc.

The Puolakka Measuring Station at Oravivuori 1 in Korpilahti, Jyväskylä is part of the Struve Triangulation Chain. In 2005, the Struve Triangulation Chain was accepted onto the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.
It represents a cultural legacy of science and technology.

Petäjävesi’s Old Church was welcomed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1994 and has been described as a masterpiece of Nordic wooden architecture. The building represents Nordic Lutheran Church architecture and the time-honoured heritage of log-building skills.

There are almost a thousand different sites around the world on the UNESCO World Heritage List.   The sites are divided into cultural and natural heritage sites.  The cultural heritage sites are masterpieces of human creativity or significant evidence of an existing or already lost culture. The sites are approved by the International UNESCO World Heritage Committee on the basis of proposals from the states. 

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