City of Light

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Jyväskylä is a forerunner in city lighting in Finland and abroad. In addition to energy efficiency and safety, Jyväskylä invests in aesthetics in city lighting, making the city even more enjoyable for its residents and further improving their quality of life. This long-term and effective work as s forerunner in city lighting has also been noticed around the world, as Jyväskylä has been awarded in the international city.people.light award annual competition.

You can enjoy the stunning city lighting all year round, for Jyväskylä has over 100 permanent lighting sites and installations. The highlights of the year are, however, the City of Light event, which takes place in the autumn and the Illuminated Christmas Park in the Church Park at Christmas time. In the darkening autumn evenings, the City of Light Event introduces not only the permanent lighting sites and installations in the city but also the more and more glorious works of light art built for the event. During this Event, which has over 100 000 visitors yearly, there will also be organised a wide range of side events and a seminar, which is aimed at the professionals within lighting.