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In the Jyväskylä region you can find magnificent church buildings representing different styles. The real gem among the churches is the Petäjävesi Old Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built in the 1760s.

The handprint of architect Alvar Aalto is represented by the Italian-style Muurame Church and the Korpilahti Church, whose alteration works were planned by Aalto. An impressive attraction is also the Toivakka Church with its colourful pop-style ceiling paintings.

The churches located in Jyväskylä include Jyväskylä City Church, completed in 1880, the beautiful Orthodox Church and the Taulumäki Church, designed by architect Elsi Borg, which is the main church of the Jyväskylä parish. It is also known as the Church of Angels, because of its many paintings of angels. Kuokkala Church, the newest church in Jyväskylä, is an impressive work of architecture, with excellent acoustics.