Tamppi Trail (Tampinkierros)

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Tamppi Trail (Tampinkierros)

Tamppi Trail is a 3 km nature trail running through Teerinjärvisuo bog in the southwestern part of Petäjävesi. The trail leads through a mire growing miniature pines and thickets to the campfire place by Lake Teerijärvi. Teerijärvensuo is a habitat where internationally significant research on the mating of the black grouse has been conducted.

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Starting point/end point

There are signposts directing to the nature trail from Metsä-Piesalantie.


ETRS-TM35FIN N 6897371, E 399684. WGS84 lat 62,19477 lon 25,07222

Route length

Allow a couple hours to complete the trail.


There are information boards along the path, introducing the wildlife and habitats of Teerijärvensuo as well as forest and game management. The route is marked mainly with yellow paint markings.

Lapp hut or camp fire

There is a lean-to shelter by Lake Teerijärvi with a campfire place, wood shed and dry toilet. There are a few benches for resting along the trail.

Target´s maintenance

Municipality of Petäjävesi

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