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Camping in the Jyväskylä Region

Camping is a charming form of tourism because of its sense of freedom and timelessness – in camping, you act as a tour guide, co-driver and route guide and you can change your itinerary as often as you feel like it.

There are several camping sites in the Jyväskylä Region, where hikers/campers can stay overnight in a motorhome, tent or cottage. The level of services offered by the camping sites varies – in addition to accommodation and washing facilities, services may include restaurants, swimming pools, and a variety of activities and program services. 

Camping sites are usually located in the heart of nature and they offer a great setting for refreshing nature trips in the diverse landscapes of the Jyväskylä Region. If you are using a tent as your accommodation, it is good to remember the basic rules of a responsible camper: no traces of camping shouldn’t be left in the nature and the soil must not be damaged when setting up the tent. While the ‘right to roam’ legislation allows you to camp almost anywhere, the most responsible option for minimizing the strain on nature is to set up your camp on an official camping site. 

We have compiled together the camping sites in the Jyväskylä Region. 

Sinervä Camping at Multia.
Photo: Lina Markkanen


Metsäranta, Metsärannantie 56, 41930 Kuohu
Caravan, cottage, camping

In the Metsäranta camping area, you will be staying on the shores of beautiful Lake Neulajärvi, in the silence of nature. The camping site is located only about 16 kilometers from the city centre of Jyväskylä, so the versatile services of the city centre are close by when needed. In the cozy sauna / café building of the camping site, it is nice to spend the evening relaxing and enjoying the delicacies of the café.  

Laajavuori, Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä
Caravan, camping

The camping area, located by Laajavuori ski slopes, is only a four-kilometer drive from the services of Jyväskylä city centre. Laajavuori camping area is the choice of an active traveler with its abundant sports and experience services. At Hotel Scandic Laajavuori, you can spend a memorable spa day with the whole family. If you wish to take a dip in the lake, it can be done in the nearby Vuorilampi pond.


Riihivuori, Riihivuorentie 313, 40950 Muurame
Caravan, cottage

At Riihivuori camping site you are literally on the top! Majestic Riihivuori mountain offers wonderful vantage points for observing the nature of the Jyväskylä Region – from the top of the mountain you can take in the scenery opening onto four different lakes. Surrounded by nature, Riihivuori offers its guests activities all year round. 


Himos, Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä
Caravan, Cottage

When camping in Himos, you are sure not to run out of activities! In the Himos-Jämsä area, you will find wonderful nature trails and day-trip destinations. In summer you can jam at music festivals organized in Himos and in winter tourists can dance to the pace of the artists taking over the stage of Himos Arena. The caravan pitches of the ski resort Himosvuori are located at the foot of the West and North slopes, only a few ski lengths from the ski lifts.

Karijärvi Camping, Karijärventie 90, 42100 Jämsä
Caravan, cottage, camping

The small but cozy Karijärvi camping site is located in a quiet area by a pond overseeing beautiful scenery. The campsite offers many nice activities during the summer; Guests can rent boats, bicycles and fishing equipment. At the nearby salmon pond you can try your luck in luring a salmon!


Camping Nyyssänniemi, Nyyssänniementie 10, 42700 Keuruu
Caravan, cottage, camping

The extensive greenspaces of Nyyssänniemi invite camping tourists to enjoy the summer. The area is beautifully located on the shores of Lake Keurusselkä. Nyyssänniemi offers nice opportunities for various activities: guests can rent SUP boards and canoes, and there is both a mini golf and a frisbee golf course in the area! 

Iso Kirja, Heikkiläntie 177, 42700 Keuruu
Caravan, cottage, camping

The huge, more than 60-hectare Iso Kirja camping site guarantees a peaceful environment for campers, cottage renters and visitors staying in a motorhome. The non-smoking and drug-free camping site is especially popular among families with children and tourists longing for a peaceful stay. Activities for visitors include a beach volleyball court, a skate ramp and a frisbee golf course. The camping site, which is situated on the shores of a lake, also has a great setting for fishing, boating and swimming.

Beach cabin at Camping Sinervä in Multia
Photo: Lina Markkanen

Holiday District

Hannunkivi Holiday Village, Hannunkiventie 1, 43800 Kivijärvi
Caravan, cottage

Hannunkivi offers a relaxing camping holiday in the widest wilderness area of southern Finland – here in the silence of nature you will find your peace of mind! While in Hannunkivi, you will be staying in Kivijärvi parish, near Salamajärvi National Park. 

Niemenharju Tourist Centre, Harjukatu 2, 44800 Pihtipudas
Caravan, cottage

Located in Pihtipudas, Niemenharju Tourist Centre offers a completely unique camping experience with diverse food concepts and modern services. The beautiful and unique Niemenharju Tourist Centre was awarded the title of the most beautiful transport station in the world in 2017 – and not without reason, for the modern wooden building is really impressive, and definitely worth seeing!

Hännilänsalmi Camping, Naurismaantie 80, 44500 Viitasaari
Caravan, cottage, camping

Hännilänsalmi Camping is an idyllic camping site in Viitasaari on the shores of Lake Keitele. This excellent stopover offers opportunities for a wide range of camping and hiking experiences. A leisurely evening can be spent in the barbecue shed while enjoying sausages fried on open fire and coffee cooked in a soot pan.

Photo: Julia Kivelä


Ruokoniemi Camping, Ruokoniementie 4, 41520 Hankasalmi
Caravan, camping

The magnificent sandy beach of the Ruokoniemi camping area attracts caravanners from all over Finland to enjoy the summer beach life. The lake sceneries have mesmerized people so deeply that some seasonal residents have been camping in Ruokoniemi for 30 years! Guests of the camping area are welcome to relax in the lakeside sauna which is heated almost every night, and you can enjoy open fire cooking and good company in the barbecue shed. 


Camping Ruuhimäki, Tauluntie 83, 41440 Ruuhimäki
Caravan, cottage, camping

Camping Ruuhimäki, which has welcomed campers since the 1960’s, lies in an idyllic location on the shores of Lake Ruokosenjärvi in Toivakka. The name Ruuhimäki might ring some bells in the minds of rally fans, as the area is located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary Ruuhimäki special stage. The area has a charming lakeside sauna, a beach, barbecue sheds and a playground for children. A mini golf course located in the area provides entertainment for visitors of all ages. The evening can also be enjoyed leisurely by singing karaoke. 

Mämminiemi, Rappukalliontie 217, 41630 Oravasaari

Mämminiemi’s outdoor, boating and recreation area is in a great location at the top of a peninsula surrounded by vast lake sceneries. The picturesque area, managed by the City of Jyväskylä’s sports services, is open to outdoor enthusiasts all year round, and in summer the area has supervised opening hours. The best way to reach Mämminiemi is by boat along lake Päijänne. Mämminiemi can also be conveniently reached by car – the distance from the centre of Jyväskylä is about 34 kilometers. There are no plug-in motorhome parking pitches in Mämminiemi, but the setting for camping in a tent is great.


Häyrylänranta, Satamatie 60, 44300 Konnevesi
Caravan, camping

The camping site of Häyrylänranta is a good starting point for an expedition to the Etelä-Konnevesi national park, because the camping site is only about a half-hour drive from the starting point of the national park’s hiking routes. The lakeside camping site offers a variety of activities. The lake sceneries of the national park are easy to explore with Häyrylänranta cruise shipsIn addition, a hiker who is looking for a water experience can rent an SUP board, canoe, kayak or a rowing boat from the camping site. There is also a jumping tower for the wildest water enthusiasts on the lakeside. 


Lintulahti, Lintulantie 5 A, 44440 Räihä

The communal and warm-hearted Lintulahti welcomes campers and hikers all year round! In Lintulahti you will find entertaining activities for every taste. Caravanners from all over Finland head to this camping site, which is famous for its sense of community, especially in the summer for its various events – the best known of which is the annual Muikkutreffit, the highlight of which is frying and enjoying a catch of vendace together by the campfire.

Camping Sumiainen, Sumiaisraitti 2, 44280 Sumiainen
Caravan, cottage, camping

Camping Sumiainen is located on a pine forest covered isthmus between the Lakes Keitele and Sumiaisjärvi, by magnificent lake sceneries. The traditional lakeside sauna can be rented by the guests. In addition to gentle steam baths, musical performances organized in the covered music pavilion provide entertainment for the campers in the evening. 

A person on the nature trail in the Pyhähäkki National Park.
Photo: Julia Kivelä


Hietasaari Camping Area, Hietasaarentie 128, 41240 Uurainen

The attraction of the Hietasaari camping area is its magnificent sandy beaches – hence the area is known as the Central Finnish Riviera. The shallow beaches are also safe for the youngest water enthusiasts, and, for this reason, Hietasaari is a perfect camping holiday destination for the whole family. The wood-heated, traditional lakeside sauna is heated every day during the summer season to the joy of all guests. The camping site situated in Uurainen offers a wide range of activities. 


Sinervä Camping, Leiritie 12, 42600 Multia
Caravan, cottage, camping

On the shores of Lake Sinerväjärvi in Multia you will find the picturesque Sinervä Camping Site. Sinervä camping site offers a great setting for a true relaxation – would you prefer to relax on the sandy beach soaking up the sun, perspire on the benches of sauna or float in the hot tub embraced by warm water? The camping site’s café-restaurant serves a varied lunch, as well as light snacks and refreshments.


Tampinmylly, Tampinmyllyntie 12, 19650 Joutsa
Caravan, cottage, camping

Tampinmylly offers a relaxing nature holiday amidst the beautiful lake sceneries of the Jyväskylä Region. Whether you are looking for traditional cottage accommodation, an overnight stay in a luxury villa, a place to park a motorhome or a green area to set up your tent – at Tampinmylly all of this is possible.