Verso Bar & Kitchen

Kauppakatu 35
40100 Jyväskylä
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Verso Bar & Kitchen

You can experience the moments in the Verso Bar & Kitchen consisting of the fresh and pure ingredients, the captivating taste combinations along with the hospitable and urban atmosphere.

At the Verso Bar, in the heartbeat of the pedestrian street, you can enjoy your staying from morning to late evening. We provide you with urban enjoyments, self-baked sweet pastries and fresh flavours from the local producers as well as refreshing events. We are always ready to brighten up your day.

Every portion of food is a fresh breeze from the best natural ingredients. The menu includes not only classic dishes enhanced by Verso’s own fine-tuning but also completely unique taste experiences. Our food is made with an artisan’s heart: handmade from the beginning by using fresh and pure ingredients.The Kitchen favours always fresh and high-class ingredients and the menu is regularly updated according to the season.Your successful eating moment is completed by Verso’s modern and cosy atmosphere, proving you with an opportunity to easily immerse yourself in enjoying the evening and following the crowd of people looming outdoors at the same time.

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