Hankasalmi museum village

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41520 Hankasalmi
tel. +35845 232 5978
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Hankasalmi museum village

Welcome to the Hankasalmi Museum Village where you can learn more about Hankasalmi and the rural history of Central Finland.  The complex consisting of 12 rustic log buildings in the vicinity of Hankasalmi church, as well as the Artefact Museum set in the old granary offer the visitor a journey into the past.  The actual museum buildings include a smoke cabin, a store room for clothing, a sauna, a cattle-shed, a loft storehouse, a drying barn, a windmill, a workshop, a coal shed and smithy, and a boat shelter.

The heart of the Museum Village is Hallan Tupa (local heritage building) used as a venue for banquets, the former main building of a farm called Vanha-Halla, with its oldest part originating from the 17th century and the more recent from the 1850’s.  The extensive renovation of Hallan Tupa was completed in 2020. This allowed the building to become accessible.

The Museum Village is open from mid-June until mid-August, and in other seasons by arrangement. Hankasalmi has a living museum, so different events are organized all year around.

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