Hankasalmi museum village

Kirkkorannantie 2
41520 Hankasalmi
tel. +35845 232 5978
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Hankasalmi museum village


The Hankasalmi Museum Village displays a range of buildings, artefacts, photographs and textiles illustrating the way of life of the people who lived in this region over centuries. The Museum Village is open from mid-June to mid-August. Outside regular opening hours, the Museum Village can be visited by appointment with the Local Heritage Society.

The actual museum buildings include a smoke cabin, a storeroom for clothing, sauna, barn, drying barn, windmill, smithy, coal hut, boat shelter and woodshed. As well as museum buildings, the site features Hallan Tupa, a heritage building used as a venue for meetings and festivities.

The Artefacts Museum is housed in a former granary a stone’s throw from the Museum Village. Its current standing exhibition was opened in summer 2016.

Hallan Tupa and the Museum Villare are open to the public from 16 June 2020, Tuesday-Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 and Sundays from 11:00 to 15:00.

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