Distance to the target from Kompassinaukio in Jyväskylä:

35 min.

Petäjälahdentie 30
41900 Petäjävesi

Paikallinen sää

Lämpötila: -1.2°C No information on cloudiness, klo 23:39


The former 12-person summer camping centre of Petäjälahti has been transformed into a practical and comfortable rental villa on the shore of the brilliantly clear Karikkoselkä Lake.

The villa is adaptable for many uses thanks to its large sauna and expansive outdoor areas that feature a campfire spot and a dining hut. In the roomy villa, you can create precious memories with your entire extended family or a group of friends.

A fireplace room, a kitchen, and sleeping quarters in a bedroom, a loft, an alcove and two sofa beds. On the terrace of the villa you can take in the vista of Karikkoselkä Lake.

Walk the terrace onto the pier in the morning mist or bake some marshmallows in the glow of a campfire as the summer evening dims. Bring the people closest to you and spend some unforgettable moments that will stay with you when ordinary life gets you down.

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