Talkoovuoret-Miehinkäinen Nature Trail

Kaijantie 562
41240 Uurainen

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Talkoovuoret-Miehinkäinen Nature Trail

The nature trail includes two route alternatives: The Talkoovuoret and Miehinkäinen trails. Both are 1.5 km long and can easily be completed one after another. Talkoovuoret Nature Trail runs through varied forest terrains and descends to a trench enclosed by dramatic cliffs.  Miehinkäinen Nature Trail is easier than the Talkoovuoret trail, and runs mainly through wetland. The birdwatching tower is great for viewing birds nesting and resting on Lake Miehinkäinen.

We urge hikers to take extra care in wet conditions as the cliffs and the part can be slippery. The lichen-covered cliffs can be easily damaged by footfall, so hikers are kindly asked to show consideration towards the delicate species and keep to the paths.

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Starting point/end point

Signposts directing to the nature trail start from Kintaudentie. The nature trail car park is signposted from the address Kaijantie 562. The route is marked with blue paint markings.

Route length

Allow a total of 2–3 hours to complete both trails. The terrain on Talkoovuoret Nature Trail is difficult in places, although the steepest uphills and downhills are fitted with stairs.


There are information boards along the trail, providing facts about the local habitat.

Lapp hut or camp fire

There is a lean-to shelter and campfire place, where the paths cross. There is a birdwatching tower along Miehinkäinen Nature Trail.

Target´s maintenance

Municipality of Uurainen and Höytiä Village Association

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