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Christmas & Holiday Season in the Jyväskylä Region

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Jyväskylä Region! Feel the unique Christmas in the Jyväskylä Region. The enchanting Christmas lights in Jyväskylä’s Church Park, the charming Toivola Old Courtyard dressed in festive attire, concerts, markets, and other events set the mood. Discover gifts for under the Christmas tree, indulge in the seasonal flavours, and enjoy a pre-prepared holiday in the Jyväskylä Region, unwinding and savouring the magic of Christmas.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s in the Jyväskylä Region to the fullest with these tips – and share them with friends! #visitjyvaskylaregion

Christmas Park

Experience the magical Christmas lights in Jyväskylä’s beautifully illuminated Christmas Park. The lights illuminate the Church Park, creating a warm and enchanting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. The display includes various installations, such as 5-meter tall reindeer with their sleigh and a light fountain. The giant Christmas tree in the Church Park is a focal point of the decorations, standing tall and adorned with vibrant lights, casting a festive glow over the park. Christmas Park is a popular location for Instagram photos and even proposals. 

Once you have experienced the Christmas Park, you can explore the City of Light’s other illuminated sights, with this self-guided tour 

Photo: Julia Kivelä

Christmas markets & events

The traditional Toivola Christmas Courtyard offers a versatile blend of treats, gift ideas, and above all, joyful Christmas spirit. Jyväskylä’s most beautiful Christmas courtyard in the city center is open from November to Christmas Eve. It’s worth visiting the traditional Hippos Christmas market, the Craftsmen’s Christmas market, and the Art Museum’s Christmas art bazaar for your holiday shopping. 

The pre-Christmas season is filled with festive melodies, and for many, Christmas begins with the most beautiful Christmas songs or a festive concert. The story concert ‘Hissen joulu‘ presented by the children’s music orchestra Loiskis and the Christmas Concert by the Jyväskylä Symphony Orchestra are sure to captivate. 

Photo: Julia Kivela

Christmas Sauna

Sauna is an essential part of the Finnish Christmas celebration and is perhaps one of the oldest Christmas traditions in Finland. For a local sauna experience, you can visit one of the public saunas, like Sataman Viilu or see the holiday sauna events here.  
For a cozy rural Christmas experience, consider the holiday packages offered by resorts such as Revontuli in Hankasalmi or Varjola in Laukaa. Holiday packages offer the perfect opportunity to taste real Finnish Christmas foods and bathe in Christmas sauna. As the night falls, venture outside and if you are lucky, you may witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, painting the winter sky with vibrant hues 

Photo: Taina Ristikivi

Winter activities

For those who enjoy winter activities, Jyväskylä Region offers a diverse range of things to do. The region boasts several ski and snowboarding centres, including Himos, chosen as the Ski Resort of the Year 2022, Laajis, named the Local Resort of the Year 2019, Riihivuori, and Häkärinteet, along with hundreds of kilometres of cross-country skiing trails. Renting skiing and snowboarding equipment is easily done at rental shops conveniently located near the slopes. 

An unforgettable experience can be had with a husky sled ride guided by an instructor, warming up with hot drinks and snacks by a campfire and getting to know the Siberian huskies. From the ski resorts, you can also rent a snowmobile and let the thrill of speed take hold. Or how about arctic floating in the Finnish Lakeland? The arctic water experience is exotic yet serene. Despite its name, Arctic floating is a surprisingly warm and pleasant experience. 

Photo: HimosLomat

Christmas lunches and dinners

Indulge in the festive flavors of the Jyväskylä Region as you embark on a culinary journey through Christmas lunches and dinners that showcase the region’s rich culinary traditions. In the heart of this winter wonderland, local restaurants warmly welcome you to savor the essence of a Finnish Christmas feast. 

Jyväskylä Region’s Christmas tables are adorned with an array of seasonal delights, featuring local ingredients and traditional dishes. Feast on a selection of traditional Finnish Christmas dishes, including succulent hams, rich gravlax, and an assortment of casseroles featuring root vegetables and seasonal greens. Sample the aromatic Christmas pastries, such as gingerbread cookies and prune tarts, adding a sweet touch to your festive meal. Finnish the meal with local mulled wine ‘Glögi’. 

Photo: Sami Lamminaho

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