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Let’s go fishing in Central Finland – Read our top 5 tips

Jyväskylä and the surrounding region are the best that Lakeland Finland has to offer. You are never far from a lake and connecting waterways, rivers and rapids: a unique opportunity to combine a city break and a fishing holiday in pristine nature.

Angling on Jyväsjärvi

Jyväskylä stands on the shores of Jyväsjärvi lake. There are few better ways to spend an evening in the city than to step away from the crowds and enjoy some meditative angling. This is a fishing method in which anyone can participate, as angling does not cost much and there are plenty of organised events to join.

The Jyväsjärvi shoreline is well-maintained and accessible, so finding a perfect spot is easy. Some of the best spots are in Mattilanpelto, but you can angle anywhere, even in the city harbour.
A typical catch will include bream, roach, and common bleak, but you are just as likely to land perch and ruff.

Angling on Jyväsjärvi is an “everyman’s right”, so no fishing licence is required.

Troll fishing on Päijänne

Päijänne is one of Finland’s largest bodies of water with the lake system stretching from Jyväskylä all the way to Lahti. The headlands and bays along the shores of Päijänne have been favoured by fishermen as long as humans have been fishing. Enjoy the light summer nights
meditating with a fishing rod in hand and watching the wildlife around the lake as the boat gently glides through the water. But stay alert for that big catch!

As the deepest lake in Finland, Päijänne is the habitat for a wide range of fish species, guaranteeing an unforgettable fishing experience. The easiest and safest way to start trolling is around the sheltered and shallow bays and shorelines on islands.
There are also excellent spots with deeper waters near Jyväskylä, such as Mustoselkä.

Common species in Päijänne include zander, pike and perch. Trolling is a form of lure fishing, so a State fishing licence is required.

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Photo: Jussi Judin

Fly fishing on Muuramenjoki

The river Muuramenjoki flows through the town of Muurame from Muuratjärvi into Päijänne. The river is 1.5 km long and offers plenty of superb sports for fishing. Fishing in this gently flowing, narrow river is easy even with more modest equipment, and it is ideal for learning rapid fishing.

The most common catch in Muuramenjoki is rainbow trout. The river is regularly stocked with rainbow trout, so the likelihood of catching fish is relatively high throughout the year. The river also has an indigenous stock of trout which is supported through additional stocking. Stocking has also been used to introduce grayling, which thrives in this river habitat. However, the trout and grayling are protected species, so they must be released if caught.

In addition to a State fishing licence, you are also required to obtain a special licence for fishing on Muuramenjoki.

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Photo: Jussi Judin

Lure fishing in Kuusaankoski

Kuusaankoski is one of the many rapids along the Äänekoski–Vaajakoski waterway. Located in Laukaa, 30 km from Jyväskylä, Kuusaankoski is one of the fastest-flowing rapids of the route, so in addition to fishing, it is a popular spot for many types of activities, such as white-water rafting.

Kuusaankoski is suitable for both lure and fly fishing. Thanks to the more easily accessible spots that have been built along the rapids, Kuusaankoski is also suitable for beginners. The main catches in Kuusaankoski include trout and grayling, and the slower waters are favoured by zander and ide.

To fish in the Kuusaankoski rapids, you will need a State fishing licence and a special fishing licence for Kuusaankoski. Both are sold at the Varjola Farm located near the river.

Bottom fishing in Tuomiojärvi

Tuomiojärvi is a lake located near Jyväskylä city centre and is therefore popular for canoeing, lakeside relaxation and fishing. Tuomiojärvi is of particular interest for fishing enthusiasts because of the stocked species, so the likelihood of a catch is quite appealing on this urban lake. The lake is regularly stocked with zander and rainbow trout.

A most popular method of catching the rainbow trout is bottom fishing, and during the spring the lake shores are dotted with people with their rigs in the water. In bottom fishing, the line is fitted with a weight which holds the worm or other bait in position at the bottom of the lake. This method is ideal for those who prefer a slow, meditative method of fishing.

Bottom fishing is a form of lure fishing, so you will need to obtain a State fishing licence and a special licence for Tuomiojärvi.

Writer: Jussi Judin

Jussi Judin is a photographer, nature adventurer and instagrammer from Jyväskylä.

The atricle has been published originally on the Visit Jyväskylä Region’s website in 2018.

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