Rapid and river fishing

Fishing can be practiced in the Jyväskylä Region all year round since rivers and rapids flow freely also during the winter. In the beginning of November, after the end of trout’s autumn protection, many fishing enthusiastics dreaming of the catch of a lifetime make their way back to the rapids. For example Kapeenkoski rapid that flows between Laukaa and Äänekoski offers a great setting for a wintery fishing trip.

In Finland a state fishing license is compulsory. Many water area also requires an areal permission. The easiest way to get familiar with the region’s amazing fishing waters is to attend on a private fishing tour lead by a professional guide. The guides lead you to the greatest fishing spots and take care of the licensing for you. Here’s a list of the service providers that arrange fishing tours in the region.

The Jyväskylä Region is situated in the heart of Finnish Lakeland. Multiple lakes are linked by flowing waterways, with breath-taking white-water fishing spots here and there. The region’s rapids are honoured as one of the best rapid fishing destinations in Finland. Trout ending up in a landing net from these waters is almost everyday life for fishermen and -women!

But where exactly do you want to cast your lure in the Jyväskylä region?


The torrent of the Kuusaankoski rapids with its foaming white waters is a tremendous sight. But if you ask a fisherman, this Laukaa watercourse’s true beauty is to be found beneath the surface. The river, around 300 metres in length, is a natural habitat for the pike, the perch, the lake trout, the pikeperch and others. However, most concentrate on catching the species stocked into Kuusaankoski; the lake trout, the landlocked salmon, and the grayling. It’s said the river can often yield trout weighing five to six kilos – in fishermen’s tales, anyway.

The highly accessible Kuusaa is located on Suolahdentie road (Road No. 637), about six kilometres north of the Laukaa centre. The Varjola Resort, located at the first step of the rapids, sells one-day fishing permits for 50 euros. Ten-time permits are also available. Apart from the local permit, all fishers between ages 18 and 64 require a valid state fishing license that can be purchased here. A beginning trout-catcher can also participate in a guided fishing tour organized by Varjola.

The Konnevesi rapids (Kellankoski, Siikakoski, Taikinainen)

Konnevesi, with its clear-watered rapids, is the number one destination for the avid white-water fisherman. The numerous rapids of Konnevesi will please both your eye and your landing net, as these are fabulous destinations both in their landscapes and in their fisheries. The Seven Rapids Route, several kilometres in length, offers an unforgettable fishing experience for experienced hobbyists and beginners alike.

Probably the most legendary fishing destination in the area is Siikakoski, a favourite of President Urho Kekkonen. For several decades, fly-fishers have tread in those presidential footsteps, and today, Siikakoski is known as one of the top fly-fishing destinations in all of Finland. The catch of this crystal-clear stream includes pike, trout and grayling.

The forcefully flowing Kellaankoski enjoys a reputation as a bountiful trout river in Finnish fishing circles. The reputation is well-earned, as Kellaankoski is one of the few rapids in the Jyväskylä Region that can yield trout up to 80 centimetres in length. Taikinainen, brimming with grayling, offers many different kinds of fishing experiences. In these rapids, you can even fish from a boat.

The Konnevesi rapids are easily accessible from every part of Finland. The Rapids Route is found on Route No. 69, which conveniently intersects with major national arteries; the No. 4 Road at Hirvaskangas and the No. 9 Road at Suonenjoki. The Konnevesi rapids are extremely popular fishing destinations, so we recommend booking your permits well ahead of time. Apart from the local permit, all fishers between ages 18 and 64 require a valid state fishing license.

You can book fishing permits and reservations at Konnevesi’s fabulous rapids (in Finnish): https://konnevedenkosket.fi/kalastus/. More information about the permits available by phone +358405823 or by e-mail wesku (at) konnevedenkosket.fi.


Huopanankoski, pretty as a picture, is one of Viitasaari’s best known fishing destinations. The hefty trout, native to the river, have lured fishermen to its banks ever since 1887. Besides the trout, other significant species of the rapids include the grayling, the perch, the pike and the whitefish. Huopanankoski is open for fishing throughout the year, except for the trout’s closed season between September 1 and November 30. The rapids do not permit wading between December 1 and May 31.

Other excellent destinations for the angler’s map include Keihärinkoski, Kymönkoski and Kärnänkoski, all located like Huopanankoski at Viitasaari, at the heart of Finland’s Sydänsuomi region. Permits for Huopanankoski can be purchased from the Huopanankoski kiosk. All local permits for Viitasaari rapids can be obtained at www.eräluvat.fi (in Finnish). More information about the permits available by phone: +35820692424. Apart from the local permit, all fishers between ages 18 and 64 require a valid state fishing license that can be purchased here.


Heijostenkosket, surrounded by steep rock-faces, makes for breath-taking scenery for white-water fishing. The handsome and well-fed (i.e. big) graylings and trouts are the angler’s dream catch when they bite, and here you’ll find a great many that will. This rapids route is about three kilometres long. Peace and quiet is therefore guaranteed in nature’s bosom, even if multiple people are plying the route at the same time.

Heijostenkosket is made up of six different sets of rapids: Vaajakoski, Myllykoski, Heijostenkoski, Pitkäkoski, Haarakoski and Rakinkoski. These include both forceful streams and tranquil pools in between, so a fishing spot to suit every taste can be found in the area. For fishing permits at Heijostenkosket, go to https://www.ostaluvat.fi/ (in Finnish) or call to number +44 560 0450 for assistance. Apart from the local permit, all fishers between ages 18 and 64 require a valid state fishing license.


Muuramenjoki river, flowing through Muurame, is an easily accessible fishing destination only 15 kilometres from Jyväskylä. The versatile Muuramenjoki is a popular angling location thanks to its easy catches, central location, and affordable fishing permits. Rainbow trout is restocked in this river throughout the year. A single permit allows you to catch two. The brown version of the trout can also be encountered in the river, as can the grayling. In cold-water months, the Muuramenjoki trout can best be found in the river pools. But in the summer, we recommend you head for the white waters of the rapids.

Fishing season at Muuramenjoki is all around the year, excepting the national trout closed season between September 1 and November 30. Wading is forbidden in the rapids between December 1 and May 31, but the still-water sections are open for wading during the winter season as well. The river can accommodate four permits at any one time. Both angling and fly fishing are permitted.

A day permit at Muuramenjoki costs six euros. You can book and redeem your permit at a flower shop Kukka- ja Hautauspalvelu Kannel, which is located at the center of Muurame (Virastotie 2). Bookings can be made by phone to number +35840 654 1524. Apart from the local permit, all fishers between ages 18 and 64 require a valid state fishing license that can be purchased here.


A true gem of rapid fishing, Kapeenkoski is located on the border of Laukaa and Äänekoski. This roaring rapid offers amazing surroundings for fly fishing and lure fishing and it is well known for its plentiful population of pike perch. However, the leading role in Kapeenkoski’s fish stock is held by the trout. It is known that Finland’s former president Urho Kekkonen used to fish for trout on these historically significant waters.

Cape Kapeenniemi has well maintained barbecue huts for fishermen and women to enjoy their campfire snacks. Some of these huts are exclusively reserved for licensed fishers.

With one permit fishing is allowed on three rapids: Makasiinikoski, Luijankoski and Kärmekoski. To fish on privately owned Kapeenkoski, one needs to purchase a rapid fishing package that are sold by Kapeenkoski Travel. These packages include accommodation and the use of a traditional wooden sauna in addition to Kapeenkoski fishing permit.

Please remember to check any regional rules and regulations before you take your fishing trip. Fishing is only allowed with a permit in any of the fishing destinations detailed above. You must always carry the state fishing license on your person while fishing anywhere in Finland. Besides this license, many fisheries require a local permit. You should retain a receipt both for the state license and the local permit in case of inspection by the authorities.

You can pay the national fisheries management fee and many local fishing fees and print your licence from the e-license shop.