Cottage holiday – A true Jyväskylä Region style holiday!

A cottage covered in snow in a snowy scenery
Photo: HimosLomat

Spending time at a cottage, mökki” as we say it in Finnish, is a popular way of spending a holiday in Finland. To counterbalance a hectic everyday life, Finns like to head to an isolated cottage, mökki, to find calm. These cottages are the quintessential Finnish Zen – peace and quiet on nature’s doorstep. It is for this reason many Finnish families own their own cottages, and groups of friends can be seen spending their weekends in rented cabins. What could be better than the lake or forest views that open from the porches of many cottages? Cooling down on the terrace after the sauna or picking berries from the nature, directly to eat, is Finnish well-being, and one of many moments of happiness the mökki life can grant. We are convinced that spending time in “mökki, a local-tested favorite, might be right for your next holiday, too! 


Cottages are the quintessential Finnish Zen – peace and quiet on nature’s doorstep.

Photo: Emilia Hoisko / Revontuli Resort

The Jyväskylä region is one of the most popular regions in the country to spend a “mökki” holiday, and cottages are plentiful in the area. However, one should bear in mind that the word “mökki” may refer to a variety of different accommodations. A rantamökki (beach cottage) refers to a vacation home on a lake or a river. A cottage may also be located on so-called dry land, bordering a field or a forest. An erämökki (wilderness cottage) is an austere cottage in the middle of the woods. The hiker huts located in national parks have their own rules. Mökkikylä (cottage village) describes an area with several cottages sharing the same attractive area. This adds to safety, and cottage villages are often better-provisioned with services inside or close by. Many cottage villages can be found in the Jyväskylä Region, for example in the vicinity of ski resorts. Many holiday resorts also offer the opportunity to book a cottage in addition to other forms of accommodation. If cooking on your own cottage’s barbecue doesn’t strike your fancy, some places even offer full food service on your holiday cottage!

When booking a cottage, you should give some thought to what kind of “mökki” experience you want. Most of the cottages in the Jyväskylä Region are easily accessible. Many modern cottages offer a standard of accommodation approaching that of a holiday villa, with luxury equipment such as a whirlpool bath. Today, even more minimalist cottages will cover basic needs, with amenities such as running water, a shower or a coffee-maker. Nevertheless, you should check there’s a road leading to where you need to go, and where the nearest grocery store and other services are located. Sometimes a cottage may actually be on an island, so access arrangements should be made as you book. When booking a cottage, consider that sometimes a “mökki” is very austere; some may not, for example, offer running water, obliging you to bring your drinking water with you. Sometimes you need to bring your own bedlinen and towel, or book them along with the cottage. In many cottages, the final cleaning may well be the responsibility of the holidaymaker by default, so in order to ensure a stress-free holiday you should book a cleaning service where it isn’t included in the price of the cottage. Make note of the cottage’s level of amenities when you book.

Many cottages in the region are located on the lakeshore. By the way, did you know there are over 3700 lakes in the region? Of the lakes in the area, Päijänne is Finland’s longest and deepest, Keitele the ninth largest in Finland. Region’s lakes and rapids are also well known for their fishing opportunities. One of most frequent elements in a “mökki” holiday is water. In the summer, the shore or pier of your cabin is an opportunity to go for a swim in a clear-watered lake. Many times, you can even find a boat at your cottage to go rowing about. However, remember that boating happens at your own risk; if necessary, practice rowing with a guide. Fishing with a simple hook and line and ice-fishing are allowed at your cottage without a fishing permit. Other methods of fishing require a license. Several firms in the Jyväskylä Region offer guided fishing trips. Many cottages are winterized; winter activities, such as snow-shoe hiking or skiing, are excellent ways to spend a holiday in the region.

There’s nothing quite as Finnish as the sauna. The vast majority of cottages in the Jyväskylä Region boast a sauna, and a bath in one crowns the mökki experience in the Sauna Region of the World. The modern sauna is a fusion of long-cherished tradition and new ideas derived from ceaseless research into the health benefits of the sauna. The sauna not only soothes physical ailments, but eases the mind and lessens stress. The sauna is not a sexual space; in it, you leave your clothes behind and along with them your worries and sorrows. Unlike a shower, a sauna is not just a quick self-cleanup – it’s an entire process with many phases.

Birch twig on smoke sauna’s seat
Photo: Julia Kivelä

In addition to the sauna, the clean, calm and tranquil nature is something you must experience with a “mökki” holiday. Many cottages are close to excellent hiking routes and nature trails. In the Jyväskylä Region, you can also book a cottage just off one of our four national parks! On your jaunts to the nature, you can also take advantage of guides and activity providers. Several travel businesses in the region offer the thrill of the wild in pre-planned packages. Speaking of the nature, you may have heard of the Finnish “everyman’s rights”, the right to roam. Thanks to it, you can travel in the nature without any permits from the landowner, and may, for example, collect fresh berries direct from the woods. Please remember that you may nevertheless not trespass on other people’s yards, and, for example, littering, disorderly conduct and harming the trees are still prohibited. Do note that sometimes Mother Nature may show her less pretty side. During the summer, you may seek shelter from mosquitoes for example with repellent cream, from ticks for example with full-length clothing and diligent skin inspection.

Welcome to the Jyväskylä Region, and enjoy your “mökki” holiday!