Luscious Bilberry (Wild blueberry) Pie

Wild blueberries
photo: Mauri Leppänen



75 g         butter

1 dl          sugar

1 pcs        eggs

2 dl          flour

1 teaspoon      baking powder

0,5 dl       cream

Cream the butter and sugar. Add the egg and blend well. Combine the flour and baking powder and mix them into the egg-sugar mixture. Add the cream to form a soft dough. Avoid stirring too much. Pat the sticky dough with floured hands into the bottom of the pie pan (in diameter 25–28 cm). Push the dough up the sides of the pan. Prebake for 10 minutes in 175 C. Make the filling.




200 g        plain yogurt or/and crème fraiche (in Finland we have kermaviili)

1 dl           sugar

1 pcs        eggs

1 tablespoon       flour

1  teaspoon          vanilla sugar

0,5 dl        cream


To the top


4 dl           blueberries (wild ones)

0,5 tablespoon       potato starch

Mix the yogurt/crème fraiche (kermaviili), sugar, egg, flour, cream and vanilla sugar.  Pour the filling into to the pre-baked pie shell. Combine blueberries and potato starch. Spread the berries to the top of the filling. Bake in 175 C until the custard has set (coagulated), but has not got any color – lower the heat, if the filling is getting some color. Serve warm or chilled with lightly whipped cream or ice cream. Garnish with herb leaves if you want to add a touch of artistry to the presentation.

By Leena Pölkki

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