Finnish Creamy Fish Soup

Fish soup with rye bred on side
photo: Mauri Leppänen

500 g      Potatoes (a firm variety,) cut into 1,5–2 cm cubes

400 g      Salmon, Pike perch or Burbot Fillet (fresh), cut into 2–3 cm cubes

50 g        Yellow Onion, finely chopped

1 l            Fish Stock

5 pcs       Allspice (or dash as grounded)

5 pcs       Black pepper (or dash as grounded)

5 pcs       White pepper (or dash as grounded)

1-3 pcs    Bay leafs

Dash of sea salt if needed (depends how salty the stock is)

1–2 dl     Cream

1 dl         Fresh Dill, finely chopped

Combine onion and broth in the kettle. Season with allspice, peppers, and bay leafs. Traditionally allspice and peppers were used as a whole – you may use those as a grounded (reduce then the amount). Bring to a boil and cook until the onion is soft. Add peeled and diced potatoes. Add the lid and cook until potatoes are just soft. Add the cubed salmon and simmer tenderly until it is mostly opaque. Be careful not to break up the salmon by stirring. Add cream and bring to a boil. Check the salt and add some, if necessary. Take the heat off and stir in the fresh dill. Serve with rye bread and butter.

By Leena Pölkki

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