Lamb stew

Vegetables on a table
photo: Leena Pölkki

1 kg          lamb breast, blade or steak cut in 3 – 4 cm pieces


2               garlic cloves cut in small pieces

150 g        onion cut in big slices

1               bay leaf

50 g          tomato puree

200 g        tomato paste

black pepper




n. 1 liter     broth for the pan (or half red wine)

Brown the meat and onions in oil. Put the meat and onions in the stew. Add broth (and red wine if wanted) so that everything is covered. Bring to boil and skim any foam that may have formed on the surface. Add tomato puree, tomato paste and bay leaf into the stew. Season with salt, pepper, and spices. Simmer under the lid for 2–3 hours depending on the meat. Check saltiness at the end.

Tip: Add potatoes and carrots to the stew at the end of the cooking.

By Leena Pölkki

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