Art Centre Haihatus

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Photo: Annina Mannila

Distance to the target from Kompassinaukio in Jyväskylä:

53 min.

Jousitie 68-70
19650 Joutsa

Paikallinen sää

Lämpötila: 6.4°C Cloudy, klo 19:20

Art Centre Haihatus

The Art Centre Haihatus is a multidisciplinary hub of arts in Joutsa, Central Finland. Haihatus is a site for numerous exhibitions, events, and concerts, as well as a vibrant, international artist residence. Haihatus is an intersection of art makers and art experiencers, powered by art in all its diverse forms.

Haihatus is most focused on summertime, but various events, such as performing arts and music, take place there all around the year. The residence is open to artists all year round, and visitors can also explore the premises by previous agreement. The next exhibition open to the public will be the Haihatus summer exhibition Avantgardevekkula – Polttava tarve. The exhibition will be open 12.6.-29.8.2021 Wednesdays to Sundays.


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