Kärkkäälä Nature Trail

Saksalansaarentie 2
41550 Hankasalmi

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Kärkkäälä Nature Trail

The nature trail meanders through the cultural landscape of Kärkkäälä village and near the banks of Korholankosket rapids from Hannulankoski to Keskisenkoski. Korholankosket rapids are part of the Rautalampi Water Way Route. The banks around the rapids are protected under the Shore Conservation Programme and the water bodies as part of the Natura 2000 network.  The trail runs approx. 2 km, introducing the hikers to reedbeds around the rapids and flooded forests, as well as the history of Kärkkäälä village. Wet passages are covered with boardwalks. There are lean-to shelters at Keskisenkoski and Hannulankoski.

In wet conditions, the path along the rapids can be difficult to walk on, as the water may rise onto the path and make the boardwalk slippery.

Starting point/end point

There signposts from the Kärkkäälä village hall (Nuorisoseuran talo) (address Saksalansaarentie 2). There is parking at the village hall, among other places. The route is marked with paint markings.

Route length

The trail is approximately 2 km long. The nature trail does not form a loop, so you will return along the same route to the starting point. Allow 1-2 hours to complete the trail.


There are information boards along the trail with facts about the wildlife and history of the area.

Lapp hut or camp fire

There are lean-to shelters at Hannulankoski and Keskisenkoski, and also a hut at Keskisenkoski.

Target´s maintenance

Municipality of Hankasalmi

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