Koskikaran kierros

Koskelantie 127
41710 Joutsa

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Koskikaran kierros

The Koskikaran kierros trail starts at the Koskikara school in Rutalahti and follows the course of the Rutajoki river for most of its route. Along the trail, you’ll find both roaring rapids and gently steaming river bends, as well as a few detours away from the riverbank up into the woods. At the Porraskoski rapids bridge, a path links this trail to the Leivonmäki National Park. 

In dry weather, you may hike the trail in outdoor shoes, but waterproof footwear are necessary in any other circumstances. 

Luontoon.fi: https://www.luontoon.fi/leivonmaki/reitit#koskikarankierros

Location and arrival

Parking space: Rautsillantie 4, 41710 Rutalahti. If arriving from Toivakka, take a right turn at the former Koskikara school towards Kyläranta, the parking spot is on the left side of the road.


Rautsillantie 4, 41710 Rutalahti

Starting point/end point

The trail starts at Rutalahti at the former Koskikara school (street address: Koskelantie 128). The trail is marked with blue paint markers.


N=6874001.000, E=446399.000

Route length

The route is about 3.5 kilometres in length. The trail traverses varying forest terrain, and hiking all the way will take at least a few hours.


The trail features boarded pathways and wooden bridges which may be slippery in wet weather. In the winter and during the springtime flooding season, crossing the Rutajoki river using the bridge in the first stretch of the trail may be impossible, in which case this section of the trail will be closed. Along the trail, you will find signposts with details about the local nature.

Target´s maintenance

The nature trail is maintained by Metsähallitus.

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