Ränssin Kievari

Distance to the target from Kompassinaukio in Jyväskylä:

23 min.

Kuikantie 340
41140 Jyväskylä
tel. +358 14 311 0086
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Ränssin Kievari

Ränssin Kievari is a 200 year old farmhouse in a location of outstanding natural beauty by a lake. We offer accommodation and meals as well as facilities for meetings and special occasions. Fully licensed. Seating for 150. Also on hand are a lakeside sauna, smoke sauna, farm animals, an extensive network of ski trails, Lapp hut and lean-to facilities as well as snowmobile safaris. In summer Ränssin Kievari’s own summer theatre performs in the yard – as it has for the last 31 years.

Open Mon–Fri 8–16 or by arrangement, Sat–Sun by arrangement.

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