Synninlukko – Nature conservation area

Distance to the target from Kompassinaukio in Jyväskylä:

0 h 54 min.

Synninlukontie 140
42100 Jämsä

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Synninlukko – Nature conservation area

Synninlukko, a magnificent gorge valley, is situated in Jämsä. The breathtaking shady gorge valley is a gorge with 50 metres in width and up to 20 metres deep, delimited by steep and majestic rock slopes. Unique and rare plants grow in the area, such as Drooping Woodreed, and the area has been protected due to its lush flora.

There are numerous stories about Synninlukko (lock of sin) being spread in the region. Dusky rocks have given shelter and safety to the inhabitants of this area as well as to the vagabonds, seeking for a hiding place. During the Great Wrath, Synninlukko was a common hiding place of the population. At the bottom of the gorge, there is a spring which provided drinking water to those who needed it and which is told to be so deep that when once a bull calf fell from the edge of the gorge into this spring, it was later found in Jämsänjoki and – according to the wildest stories – even in Päijänne.

There are a few good trails at the bottom of the gorge – only trails climbing up to the edge of the gorge are demanding. Synninlukko is going to be an unobstructed nature site.

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Follow how the destination is being built to be unobstructed:

Location and arrival

Location and arrival: You drive along Pääskysmäentie from Jämsä to Jämsänkoski about 6 km and then you turn left to Haaralantie after Miekkainpetäjä's cemetery. Keep on driving along the road until you see the sign "2.0 Synninlukko" on the left side. Follow the signposts until you see the parking area (P) on the right side and the sign "0.6 Synninlukko”.


Synninlukko can be reached easily. Follow the signposts and park your car in the parking area (P) From the parking area, it is about 600 metres to go to the destination.

Winter maintenance

Winter maintenance In the winter, the road may be poorly cleared.

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