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The typical steeply rising hills by northern Lake Päijänne are particularly impressive in Vaarun­vuoret in Korpilahti. Vaarunvuoret are famous for the dramatic drop into Korospohjanlahti bay, and the southern and Arctic flora thriving on its slopes. On the hill you can admire the shimmering Lake Päijänne more than hundred metres below.

Vaarunvuoret is an important nature reserve with an exceptionally large number of endangered and rare species, which has made it a place of particular interest among nature enthusiasts. The four kilometre nature trail is mainly easy to walk, with some steep sections. There is one campfire site along the trail.

Vaarunvuoret Hills are located some 40 minutes from the centre of Jyväskylä. The driving route to Vaarunvuoret Hills passes over the impressive Kärkistensilta bridge. Park your car in the Vaarunvuoret parking lot (Vespuolentie). You can also access Vaarunvuoret by water by the Korospohja shore.

Before venturing out to the wilderness, make sure you read the safety advice of Metsähallitus.

How to get here

By car

  • If you’re travelling from Jämsä / Jyväskylä along the E63, make a left turn at Korpilahti onto Vespuolentie (number 610), towards Joutsa / Luhanka. Stay on this road for 14 km and you will see the Vaarunvuoret car park on your right.
  • If you’re travelling from Joutsa along the E75, make a left turn onto Korpilahdentie (number 610), towards Korpilahti and Luhanka Stay on this road for 33 km and you will see the Vaarunvuoret car park on your left.

By public transport

Source: Metsähallitus

Please note that different seasons and weather conditions significantly affect your outdoor experience: many of the hiking destinations are not maintained during the winter, which may make the terrain very difficult and sometimes dangerous to access. Find out about the daily weather and hiking conditions in advance to assess the potential risks. Many nature trails intersect with cross-country ski tracks in the winter. Note that walking on ski tracks is not permitted.



Starting point/end point

The walking trails start at the Vaarunvuoret car park on Vespuolentie (number 610) and at the Korospohja landing site (accessible to boats and canoes). The Finnish Road Administration is responsible for the car park upkeep.


ETRS-TM35FIN N 6867757, E 432913.

Route length

The length of the trail is approximately 4 km. The route is easy to walk. The landscape is varied with pine and spruce forests and rocky terrain, with some differences in elevation. Allow a couple hours to complete the trail.


There are information boards along the path, introducing the wildlife and habitats of Vaarunvuoret. The route is marked with blue paint markings.

Lapp hut or camp fire

There is a campfire place, wood shed and dry toilet by Lake Särkijärvi.

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