Multamäki Nature Trail

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41350 Laukaa

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Multamäki Nature Trail

The Multamäki Nature Trail is located on the western slope of Multamäki hill, which stands on the northeastern shore of Lake Peurunkajärvi, in the northeastern part of Laukaa. The 2,3 km trail leads to the top of Multamäki­ hill with sweeping views out over Lake Peurunkajärvi.

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Starting point/end point

The start of the nature trail can be reached from Finnintie.


ETRS-TM35FIN N 6925719, E 441426. WGS84 lat 62,45801 lon 25,86457.

Route length

Allow a couple of hours to complete the trail. You can also complete only a part of the trail. The trail has some differences in elevation and a long, steep flight of stairs.


There are information boards along the path, introducing the habitats and the signs of the Ice Age still visible in the landscape. The route is marked mainly with yellow paint markings and sign posts.

Lapp hut or camp fire

There is a hut, lean-to shelter, a dry toilet and a lookout deck on top of Multamäki hill. There is also a lean-to shelter by Peurunkajärvi Lake.

Target´s maintenance

Municipality of Lauka


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