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The mystery of the Death Pits can be uncovered with a little trip back to the ice age

There is location in Seppälänkangas, Jyväskylä with an ominous name. Locals don’t have any problems going for their morning jogs around the place but for us the name was more than intriguing – a perfect spot for a hot summer’s day adventure.

Heikki Sulander

The pits were formed when a good chunk of the icecaps fell in the sand and gradually melted away. A pit like this is usually called a kettle hole or a narrow. There are two of these in the area, a bigger one and a smaller one and though both are similar in shape, the one closer to the road is more accessible and 25 meters deep. We hope to have captured the depth in the short video we filmed on-site.

Photo: Heikki Sulander

In addition to its impressive size, the pits also offer something not many places do – silence. As soon as you reach the bottom, the roar of the nearby industrial and shopping centers disappears. The kettle hole also has giant trees growing out of it and the tops form their own pit up in the sky.

It’s not entirely certain where this place got its name. One can guess if there was a tragic death that took place or if the kettle holes were used as hunting pits.

A map to the beginning of the trail leading on-site. It starts behind the corner of the business property, but you can also approach them from various other directions. See the map for details.

Photo: Heikki Sulander

Writer: Heikki Sulander

Heikki Sulander is the photographer of the Rinkkaputki bushcraft blog who enjoys nature in the vicinity of Jyväskylä and the national parks in Central Finland

The atricle has been published originally on the Visit Jyväskylä Region’s website in 2018.

Forest landscape