Nightlife in the Jyväskylä Region

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Do you want to see one of Finland’s top artists on a gig or just sit and relax with friends? The Jyväskylä Region has plenty of nightlife options from atmospheric pubs and karaoke on to a great selection of dining and drinks. Whether you are looking for an after-ski party or a music festival – here are a few tips for the evening and night of the Jyväskylä Region.

Nightlife in the Himos-Jämsä area

The Himos-Jämsä area is full of life round the year! In the winter, the after-ski pre- and post-parties are worth experiencing. Vuorikahvio, a restaurant located on top of Himos skiing slopes, is a place to enjoy the winter atmosphere. In the summer, Himos is home to a huge variety of different events. The Mono Pub & Pizzeria provides a lively pub atmosphere and an opportunity for karaoke stardom in the middle of the bustle of the resort. Very close to the slopes you can find Restaurant Rinne, serving up not only drinks but many fellow skiers or festival-goers to party with.

Remember to stock up on food as well! Restaurant Patapirtti right next door to Himos is known for its delicious meals. The restaurant is in the midst of the Uusi-Yijälä vineyard, and the local produces is both served at the table and sold by the bottle at the vineyard’s own shop. The Tupa Kitchen & Bar at Himos resort also caters good food to every taste. In the winter season, you can follow up the meals or drinks with the hardest party of the season with some of Finland’s most popular music artists at Himos Arena. Himos Arena and Himos are also home to various events and music festivals. Particularly popular are the summer festivals such as Iskelmä Festival, Jysäri, and Midsummer’s Himos Juhannus.

In Akuliina in the centre of Jämsä you can see and hear a variety of interesting performers, for example as part of the Akuliinan Keikkakesä series. Akuliina is a café and summer terrace that can get you in a good mood all year round. The Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi guarantees a good meal and a drink in the centre of Jämsä. Other options for a good evening include Jämsä’s Restaurant Pikis and Jämsänkoski’s Bar Monttu, a place for pool, karaoke with your friends, and live music.

Photo: HimosLomat

Äänekoski, Laukaa, Keuruu and Northern Jyväskylä Region

Keuruu offers several options for spending your evening. The Hotel Keurusselkä is a famous dancing venue and entertainment hub. In Camping Nyyssänniemi, the on-site restaurant Nyyssis and its events such as the summertime Ball for Former Youth are an experience not to be missed! For a more animated party, stop by the downtown Rock Bike, or descend into Bunkkeri for a round of pool. If you want to try out traditional Finnish dance pavilion culture, Keuruu offers the Suoja and Höyrypaviljonki pavilions in Haapamäki besides Keurusselkä itself.

Peurunka in Laukaa is known for the premium shows put on in the Arena as well as the gigs and dance events at Live Club. More relaxed moods can also be found in Peurunka at the Apollo Bar. At Varjola farm, you can get a savoury rustic meal and top it off with a pint from the farm’s own brewery. Another Laukaa nightlife destination is Pub Juoma, occasionally also host to live music shows. In the summer, the Savion Lava pavilion is the top dance destination in Laukaa.

Are you headed to Äänekoski? There are many options for you in the local nightlife scene. Viljo’s in Suolahti invites you to spend an enjoyable evening, whether in the pub or,  on the weekends, the night club section. Bar Hurmos in the centre of Äänekoski is a venue for board games throughout the week and a place to party until late at night on the weekends. Pub Markus is another choice close to the city centre. Killinki in Konginkangas makes for a perfect spot for some weekend karaoke. In the summer, you can sit down on the patio of Restaurant Majakka and enjoy the lake view in Suolahti Harbour. Kartano Kievari not only puts on a fantastic dance, but also hosts stand-up comedy events and summer theatre shows!

The northern reaches of Jyväskylä Region also have nightlife to choose from. Keilaravintola Kaatis in Viitasaari is your destination when you feel like bowling, both under bright lights and black lights. The entertainment centre is also house to karaoke evenings. At Hotel Pihkuri, bands play on weekend evenings. Dance pavilions in Viitasaari are operated by the Viitasaari Areena, the Keitelepohja Youth Association, as well as the Niinilahti pavilion. Café Restaurant Manta in Pihtipudas is a key meeting spot for the town on the evenings and weekends, with karaoke if desired, and Kolima Distillery’s pop-up bar offers opportunities to taste their high quality products. Peuran Tupa, open in the high season, provides arts, well-being, and craft beers at the Hannunkivi resort in Kivijärvi. In Kinnula, the Jess Music Pub sets the pace in the evenings.

Photo: Aki Rantala/Paviljonki

Elsewhere in the Jyväskylä Region

Revontuli Resort in Hankasalmi hosts entertainment evenings, bringing some of Finland’s most prominent music artists to the Revontuli stage. Before the gig you can play a round of bowling in the alley, enjoy the warmth in the saunas, or take in a delicious meal in one of the restaurants. The Hangan Lava dance pavilion lets you enjoy an atmospheric Finnish summer in a spectacular lakeside milieu. Restaurant Kellari in Joutsa is a cheery place to spend an evening and for those who are heading to Leivonmäki, Leivon Pub is the place to be. The bar at Huttula service station can also sate your thirst. Letkaliiteri is Joutsa’s pavilion dance provider.

At Konnevesi, nightlife options include live music nights at Mierontie. Restaurant Reeti in Luhanka frequently organizes pub quizzes and party nights. At Multia, Camping Sinervä offers an outdoor terrace. Muurame’s legendary Pub Muurmanni has served the thirsty since 1979. At the top of Riihivuori hill, the Restaurant Riihikelo crowns a day of skiing or an evening at the summer theatre. In Petäjävesi, the Restaurant Kanttari serves fine meals and drinks as well as fantastic live gigs. In Toivakka, the Restaurant Sun Toive is equally good for an entertaining evening and a good meal.

Photo: HimosLomat

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