The centre of Jyväskylä

The centre of Jyväskylä provides a pleasant setting for shopping, spending time and taking care of everyday business. Surrounded by the Jyväsjärvi lake, the Harju ridge, the Seminaarinmäki hill and Are Square, the lively core of Jyväskylä is compact and easy to navigate. The pedestrian street offers a diverse range of services, shopping opportunities and meeting places. Department stores, shopping centres, specialty stores, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and museums are all within walking distance in the car-free zone.

The heart of the city, the pedestrian street, runs through the stone compass pattern at the junction of Asemakatu and Kauppakatu. The compass is the most popular meeting place in the centre. The pedestrian street is heated in the winter to prevent slippery conditions and to offer effortless access.

The main campus of the University of Jyväskylä is located on the Seminaarinmäki hill. Next to the campus, the Lounaispuisto park provides a setting for concerts and other events that bring locals and visitors together to enjoy a wide variety of culture. Yläkaupunki, the upper part of the city, has a broad range of cultural restaurants and other services frequented by university students and staff. With its terrace cafes, Church Park is the second living room of Jyväskylä residents on beautiful summer days.

The compact centre of Jyväskylä is ideal for visitors. Getting around is easy, and you can take care of everything by foot: souvenirs, shopping, museums, lunch and a relaxing cup of coffee or tea. You can also exercise and pamper your body or nourish your soul: the beautiful City Church is located in the heart of Jyväskylä.


Did you know...
Compass Square in the heart of the city centre, at the crossroads of Asemakatu and the main pedestrian street, is a favourite rendezvous for the people of Jyväskylä.


Useful phrases

Where is the pedestrian precinct/Compass Square?
Missä on Kävelykatu/Kompassiaukio?

Where can I buy souvenirs/Finnish craft products?
Mistä voin ostaa matkamuistoja/suomalaista käsityötä?

How much does this cost?
Paljonko tämä maksaa?




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