Pedestrian street and Uptown

Kauppakatu street runs through the Jyväskylä city centre. It has always been the most important and the most popular shopping street in Jyväskylä. The lower part of Kauppakatu, the pedestrian street, is the pulsing heart of the city.

The Kauppakatu street starts at Uptown, the upper part of the city and near the university campus. Uptown has a broad range of cultural restaurants and other services frequented by university students and staff. Next to the campus, the Lounaispuisto park provides a setting for concerts and other events that bring locals and visitors together to enjoy a wide variety of culture.

After the Kirkkopuisto Park, the Kauppakatu street continues as pedestrian street downtown and reaches its end point on the Are square. The most popular meeting place in the centre, the stone compass pattern, is located in the pedestrian street. In winter, those who shop in the city centre are pampered – the district heating return pipes cruising under the pedestrian street heat the street and keep it safe, without ice even on frosty days.

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