The Lake Jyväsjärvi Rantaraitti lakeshore route

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Rantaraitti is a recreational route for pedestrian and bicycle traffic that goes around the whole Lake Jyväsjärvi. It is one of the most popular areas in Jyväskylä for physical activities and recreation, connecting you with nature just in the middle of the City. The length of Rantaraitti is about 12 miles [13 km], making it a particularly good place for long walks. An access to the other side of the Lake via the Kuokkala Bridge makes it easy to control the length of your track by yourself. Along this route, you can get to know the City of Jyväskylä and its nature in so many ways. Apart from options for walking, Rantaraitti also offers many other possibilities for physical activities as well as many tourist attractions. You can walk along Rantaraitti on foot, by bike or use roller-skates as well as an electric scooter. You can get to know Rantaraitti by using the Ring Blue -route

Relax in Finland’s most thrilling harbour

Along Rantaraitti, quite close to the centre, you can find a very popular relaxation place in the Jyväskylä Lutakko harbor, where you can come and spend time enjoying fresh air. There are several restaurants, cafes and catering ships in the harbour area, where you can be wrapped up in the world of various taste experiences. You can stop at the restaurant Sataman Viilu to enjoy Finnish meals and during the same visit you could go and experience the sauna rooms of Viilu. 

Lutakonaukio and Paviljonki are situated quite next to the harbour, too. They both host several events during the year, such as festivals, markets and rally events.  

Photo: Cenk Yakinlar

Experience culture

Along Rantaraitti, there are many kinds of culture, art and lighting objects. Along Rantaraitti, there are three bridges, the Kuokkala Bridge, the Ylistö Bridge and the Äijälänsalmi Bridge, which in themselves are excellent sights as separate destinations. The bridges are great in their night lighting. There are also 29 light boxes in the lampposts of Rantaraitti, including stories about the history of Rantaraitti added to them. 

Along Rantaraitti, there are several works of art, one of the most famous being Seppo Uuranmäki´s swings under the Kuokkala Bridge. Many of Rantaraitti’s works of art have been lighted, such as Hyöky-sculpture of 5 meters in Ylistönrinne. 

The Kuokkala Manor, designed by Finland’s first independent female architect Wivi Lönn, is located near the Äijälänsalmi Bridge. In the Manor, you can enjoy high-quality meals and the lovely garden. 

Two campus areas of the University of Jyväskylä can be found in Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne, which are also good sights. 

Photo: Juhana Konttinen

Exercise in a versatile way

Rantaraitti has exceptionally good opportunities for walking, but also opportunities to have other physical activities. Rantaraitti has Finland’s largest outdoor gym, consisting of 20 different kinds of sports facilities from outdoor gyms to stair training. Also, Rantaraitti is suitable for the whole family’s entertainment and along it, you can find playgrounds in Äijälänranta, Suuruspää and Lutakko. Along the route, there are also several beaches, where both adults and children feel comfortable. Close to the harbour, you can find the Water Sport Centre Gr8Wake, where you can enjoy the water park, SUP boarding and wakeboarding. In Rantaraitti, the popular Finlandia Marathon running event is organized in the autumn, attended by over 2,000 runners every year. 

In the winter, you can come to the Lake Jyväsjärvi for example to ice skate or to ski. On the ice of the Lake Jyväsjärvi, an ice skating track about 2.4 kilometres long will be cleared of snow in cold winters.

Photo: Finlandia Marathon

Enjoy the nature

One of the most attractive aspects of Rantaraitti is nature along the route. During the walk, you can, if you wish, stop at the natural sites found on the route. For example, Pitkäruoho bird tower on the northern shores of Kuokkala in the Äijälänranta beach is a great destination for bird fans. River deltas can be found in the River Touru, which descends to the northern shore of the Lake Jyväsjärvi, and at the end of Rauhalahti. The Korkeakoski stream also descends into the Lake Jyväsjärvi, which is at its finest especially in the spring. Rantaraitti has also a swimming site for dogs. 

Along Rantaraitti, there is also the only allotment garden of Jyväskylä. In the summer, sheep are being grazed in Suuruspää in Kuokkala along Rantaraitti.

Photo: Atacan Ergin

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