The best cycling routes in the Jyväskylä Region

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The Jyväskylä Region is an excellent place for a cycling trip. There are diverse routes to fulfil many different needs through a variety of terrains and environments, including majestic national parks, scenic highways, enchanting forests, and meandering around waterways through shore paths. There are suitable routes for every cyclist, from the relaxed leisure biker to the experienced hobbyist. So pump up your tires, pack your backpack with a snack, and check out the best cycling routes in Jyväskylä here!

The best scenic routes in Jyväskylä by bike

The best scenic routes in Jyväskylä let you take in the beautiful landscapes and the joy of exercise in one trip. There are four different Jyväskylä scenic routes, suitable for both the beginning cyclist and the more experienced hobbyist. The scenic tours around Lakes Jyväsjärvi and Palokkajärvi, the islands of Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo, and the Lakes and Ponds of Jyväskylä Route are mesmerizingly beautiful. Hop on your bike and enjoy the finest views in Jyväskylä while cycling!

Photo: Jukka Paakkinen

Töllin Taival route, Petäjävesi

Töllin Taival is a 12-kilometre touring route in Petäjävesi municipality, circling around Lake Jämsänvesi. It is suitable for both hikers and cyclists. The start of the route is either from the centre of Petäjävesi, from Verkkalantie road, or Rukoilantie road, and it can be traversed in either direction. Along the way, you’ll find the Ramin Tölli campsite, which offers the opportunity to light a campfire around the year. This perfect place for a brake also has ready-made firewood and a dry toilet. A thirsty outdoorsperson can fill up with fresh spring water from a forest spring along a creek bubbling down from Tervalampi Pond, near Verkkalantie road. Nearly the route’s entire run is in the midst of the forest, so a peaceful immersion into nature is guaranteed.

Photo: Jukka Paakkinen

Leivonmäki National Park cross-country cycling route, Joutsa

Take in the diverse kaleidoscope of Jyväskylä Region nature while biking in the Leivonmäki National Park. The Leivonmäki National Park cross-country cycling route, 22 kilometres in length, is moderately demanding to the cyclist, but easily adaptable to match one’s own skills and conditioning. The route starts from the Selänpohja parking area and ends there. The route consists of a variety of forest paths, cart paths, and narrow gravel roads. The camping sites along the way allow the traveller to rest on a lakeshore or even spend the night in the embrace of nature.

Photo: Jukka Paakkinen

Laukaan lenkki: Jyväskylä-Laukaa-Vaajakoski-Jyväskylä

This around 55-kilometre touring cycling route starts from Jyväskylä and doubles back through Laukaa and Vaajakoski. This route is half road, half bike path. Some excellent spots to take a break along the way include the vibrant Laukaa Harbour and the Art Centre Järvilinna, known for its fabulous milieu. More information about the route can be had from Jyväskylä Cyclists JYPS!

Photo: Jaakko Manninen

Vaarun vierailu: Jyväskylä-Muurame-Vaarunvuori-Muurame-Jyväskylä

The Vaarun vierailu (“Visit to Vaaru”) route heads for the beautiful Vaaru nature preserve and its nature trail. For this route, about 85 kilometres in length, you should prepare to take the whole day. It is possible to choose adaptations at several points of the route. Some opportunities for a coffee break include Muurame and the Neste service station at Korpilahti. Pack up some picnic snacks and spend a nice day on wheels!

Photo: Jussi Judin

Äänemäki cross-country cycling routes in Äänekoski

The Äänemäki cross-country cycling route, located in Äänekoski, is about 18 kilometres in total length, but divided into three routes of different skill levels: easy, challenging, and hard. One of them is right for a cross-country hobbyist of any level! The routes mainly pass through conifer forests, with dry, easy to traverse terrain. Some built roads are also part of the route. 

Photo: Valtteri Vainio


The Häähninmäki outdoor area, located on the border of Hankasalmi and Konnevesi, offers cycling and hiking routes for a total of about 35 kilometres. In the Häähninmäki outdoor area, you can also admire the magnificent nature of Central Finland from the observation tower – or rent a cottage at the top of the observation tower for private use! Breaks in the outdoor area can be spent in a well-equipped Häähnintupa cottage with cooking facilities.

Photo: Hankasalmen latu ja polku

Sorvajärvi nature fitness trail in Jämsä

The Sorvajärvi nature trail in Jämsä is 3 km long and is especially suitable for beginner mountain bikers. You can increase the difficulty of the route to your liking on hills, duckboards, speed bends and jumps. The route, which traverses forest landscapes, is suitable for the whole family and is well signposted. Along the Sorvajärvi nature trail, there is also a rest area with a lean-to and a campfire site. In the rest area, you can rest and enjoy your day of activity.  

Photo: Ulla Keituri

Himos-Jämsä cycling route

This diverse 36-km loop passes through Jämsänkoski, Jämsä and Himos. Along the route, you can admire fields, urban atmosphere and boats along the riverbank. You can begin the route anywhere you like and there are a diverse range of services along it. On the Himos-Jämsä route, you can experience the wonderful countryside and the many attractions of the Jämsä area, and there is plenty to do all day long. 

Photo: HimosLomat

Tips on cycling routes from Jyväskylä Cyclists JYPS

JYPS, a Jyväskylä association of cyclists, offers many cycling-related activities for all ages. JYPS organizes bike tours and trips, training, get-togethers, campaigns, and competitions. JYPS provides information on the various cycling destinations of the Jyväskylä Region: not only routes, trails, tracks, and parks, but many events for children and adults alike. 

Photo: Julia Kivelä

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