Nature trails in the Jyväskylä Region

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The nature in the Jyväskylä Region fascinates with its diversity. Several nature trails take hikers to green forests, high hills, amazing lookout spots such as lakeside. As there are trails with different lengths and terrains, both beginners and advanced hikers will find their place. Most trails have a good guidance so there’s no need to fear for getting lost. Normal outdoor clothing is suitable for almost every trail.

Spring, summer and autumn are the best and safest seasons for exploring the great outdoors. In the winter season, many of the walking trails overlap with cross-country skiing trails which are not accessible to walkers. The trails are also not maintained in winter, which means that they can be extremely slippery in places. Please take particular care during winter and in wet weather. Before venturing out to the wilderness, make sure you read the guidelines for responsible hiking (coming soon) and the safety advice of Metsähallitus.

You can purchase an Outdoor recreation guide to the Jyväskylä Region at Jyväskylä info counter desk (Asemakatu 7, open Mon-Fri 10-14), price 5 €.

Below you can reach for nature trails according to their location. However, please note that we have collected the best and maintained trails below and the list does not include all the trails in the area.